2ND Outreach to find TV Program Distributors!

Darn! Its that old adage i guess,"If it sounds too good to be true,then it probably isnt! But hey why di i find half a dozen good looking cars being given away for free and a Merc for £1 on a Facebook trading Site? There are good deals to be had,so lets hope neither the gullible nor the sceptics find them! I have done most of the work here,researched 200 decision makers from Global TV Channels,though i could do with double that amount,and dont have a lot of time.
by Laird Salmon
Created on 3 Feb 2018

Its an easy way to make a lot of money,all you do is research International Television Channels, look them up on LinkedIn and locate the decision makers,send them a form. The Form does the work,introduces them to our Prospectus gives the access password to the Programs catalogue Portal,and then you jot down the client ona CRM Project Management site. If the Client orders,a minimum order is 50 hours of Programs,a distributor will earn £5,000. Its as simple as that!

Its a no brainer really,but the client will be spending £1,600,000 on a minimum order, so the commission is high.

Welcome to the Interesting World of Television Program Distribution,its not at all boring,reviewing Programs at at home,so it this is for you dont hesitate to apply!



Sat, 02/03/2018