2017 Year in review

Add your highlights and lowlights of an extraordinary year
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 5 Dec 2017

Add your highlights and lowlights of an extraordinary year



Tue, 12/05/2017
5 Dec 2017 at 05:07 by Pete Lawrence
An extraordinary year in so many ways. Here are a few reflections on 2017
8 Dec. 2017 by Steve Hoare
You will find lists galore elsewhere. Here are some personal thoughts on the albums, songs and mixes of 2017. Add your favourites below the line.
17 Dec. 2017 by Kimm Fearnley
2017 was a year of extremes for me. My first Christmas without my Beautiful Girl had been difficult and I arrived into the first New Year, only six months after she died to a life I didn’t recognise as mine. I promised her I would live. I had nothing to lose any more and I had nothing to fear. The worst had happened and with this knowledge I took my first steps into this unfamiliar territory and took what was left with both hands. There have been many tears but also so many highlights.
30 Dec. 2017 by Sharon Prendergast
You know, this is a tough one. Politics has been so erratic and unexpected for the last 18 months I wouldn't know where to start with all the negatives, so I'll stick with the highlights. The positive for me was the Labour Party Conference in September. I've said elsewhere, it was a moment in time. In particular the extraordinary talent of Naomi Klein aligning herself squarely with Labour, and of course that astonishing leaders speech.
8 Dec. 2017 by Andie Brazewell
My highlights and lowlights of 2017. My low point of 2017 was bringing back form the Amazon something unexpected that put me into hospital for five weeks and which meant I had to miss the London CC02. My life explores four simple P’s and all that it brings in trying to understand where I fit in a complex and often confusing world; People, places, play and passion. It seems 2017 did not disappoint!
16 Dec. 2017 by Dutch Van Spall
The moment I realised my life was ruled by a tidal wave of data and unopened messages and hampered by the guilt of things I'd left unattended.
30 Dec. 2017 by Annabelle Macfadyen
This was one of a number of similar gatherings or platforms that I have attended this year around community activism and reclaiming democracy.  Put together they give me a sense of being part of a movement of change that may not be evident in mainstream media but is nonetheless alive and well and growing in momentum. People are getting involved in creating the world they want to see in a multitude of practical ways as well as coming together to grow the vision.