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Campfire's AGM meeting, to be held in Braunston on weekend November 4-6

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 16 Sep 2016

Campfire will be aiming at a minimum of three Circle meetings a year, to discuss ethos, strategy and future plans. This project will pull together suggestions, timetables and logistical details.



Fri, 11/04/2016 to Sun, 11/06/2016
Key Interests
3 Sep. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

Here is some initial thinking on the next Campfire Circle weekend, scheduled for November 4-6th.

Most have suggested they would prefer something more rustic / DIY in a central setting if possible so in that respect I have offered my barn again for a maximum of 40 (approx) people. 

Here is my proposed plan for the weekend :


Arrive from late afternoon at mine (Dog & Gun) or hotel/local accommodation.

6 Nov. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Sparks were flying at the third Campfire Circle at my house this weekend - team coming together for two days of meetings and socials, some we'd never met before now. Inspiring themed discussions, open chats, new initiatives, resolutions. Much to think about, work on and take forward. Thanks to all who came, those who organised and brought the food, drink and good vibes...
18 Sep. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

A selection of accommodation options in the Braunston area, ranging form cottage self catering to business-oriented hotels with spa, pool and sauna.

2 Nov. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

Kimm Fearnley : Making contacts and new like-minded friends. Finding myself involved in a new, exciting community. Loved the talks, workshops, sense of community and the dancing!

Stephen Mitchelson : Listening to Scilla Elworthy and starting to believe in a different way of structuring society

Ian Doody : Meeting new people/ friends. Laughter The beautiful location/site

9 Nov. 2016 by Dave Atkin

The Venue:

The Old Dog & Gun, Braunston, various locations on site

The Fuel:

8 dozen eggs

400+ tea bags

25 litres milk

5 litres soya milk

Half a catering tin of coffee

Countless cafétières of ground coffee

7 lbs sausages (meat)

2½ kilos sausages (vegetarian)

7lbs bacon

2 kilos mushrooms

4 lbs butter

1½ kilos butter alternative

70 rounds of bread (rolls)

28 Oct. 2016 by Pete Lawrence