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18 March 2019, 11:39
Campfire's Spring 2019 Crowdfund features the launch of the Mentorship Circle, members stepping up and offering learnshops on their particular skills, hobbies or interests, designed to benefit the community as well as raising essential funds for Campfire
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15 February 2019, 11:37
Soon to be revealed...
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12 January 2019, 14:30
Examining the predominance of the social media corporations and the tech giants. What alternative models are worth looking at?
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27 December 2018, 13:30
A collection of articles and resources to do with people's assemblies, sortition and ideas around direct democracy.
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20 December 2018, 15:56
This is the Frome arm of campaign group Extinction Rebellion. “We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. The government has failed to protect us. To survive, it’s going to take everything we’ve got.
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16 December 2018, 12:34
A Project into which we will add details of this coming summer's Campout 2019 as it unfolds
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15 December 2018, 10:10
A collection of blogs from US writer Daniel Pinchbeck
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4 December 2018, 21:24
Building a collection of articles and links for global peace initiatives and in particular the work of Scilla Elworthy
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29 November 2018, 05:03
It feels almost as if we're watching the world unfold in a surrealistic, dystopian TV drama. As we move into one of the biggest periods of uncertainty and transition, we ask Campfire members what their high and low points were this year and what their hopes and fears are for next year. What will you personally change? How do you feel about the months ahead and where are you looking for hope and inspiration?
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