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Will Gethin runs comms & events company, Conscious Frontiers, currently based in Glastonbury. Conscious Frontiers promotes clients engaged in helping to create a better world, including Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, The Tree Conference, The Whole Partnership (purposeful leadership pioneers), The Spiritual Companions Trust (run accredited courses in spiritual health), and authors/speakers such as William Bloom, Graham Hancock, Sarah Rozenthuler and Alan Heeks. The company also stages occasional events, including the Future Now spiritual ecology conference in Bristol.

Will has also worked as a holistic explorer and travel journalist and is currently writing a novel. He also co-facilites workshops in The Hero's Journey, applying mythologist Joseph Campbell's template for storytelling as a map for living and transformation.

With over 20 years PR and marketing experience, Will worked initially for London agencies across leading consumer, music and arts accounts (from Renault and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, to Real World Records and Virgin Megastore). As a freelance communications consultant from 2004-2011, Will represented a variety of holistic and charitable organisations, including The Isbourne Holistic Centre, The Makhad Trust (supports the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai) and IT Schools Africa. As a travel journalist and holistic explorer, he travelled to Mongolia, Peru, Morocco, India, Sinai and the Arctic, learning and writing about global spirituality, holistic health, extreme travel and cultural change. He has written for leading national newspapers and magazines, including The Independent, the Evening Standard, Tatler, Resurgence and Yoga Magazine (www.willgethin.com). He is a qualified meditation teacher (BsOM).

Within his Communications role for the Isbourne Holistic Centre, Will also set up and developed a Guest Speaker programme of educational talks and workshops at the Centre from 2008-2013, bringing leading edge holistic authors to Cheltenham – from Byron Katie, Dr Masaru Emoto and “Horse Boy” Rupert Isaacson to Graham Hancock, Peter Owen Jones and Satish Kumar.

Moving to Bristol in 2010, Will began his publicity endeavours for clients based in the city (including Tribe of Doris multicultural arts festival and Afrika Eye film festival). Combining his core skills and experience of communications, events, writing, travel and holistic exploration, he then set up Conscious Frontiers in 2012 to help propel the New Consciousness Revolution and create a better world. Will moved to Glastonbury in April 2016.


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