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Dodo Circus & The Doomsday Disco - Youth Show & School Pack


Irreverent funny edgy show that jumps off the soapbox!

Dodo Circus and the Doomsday Disco  - Youth Climate Show heads to Edinburgh Fringe!

Youth Strikers have made changing the world seem possible and inspired us to create a fast hilarious show tackling the big issues of the climate crisis. 

We’re jumping off the soapbox into a crazy-wild multimedia show with  a 5 day run at Riddles Court. Plus hit the streets with flash mobs and mock protest. “Say Hi to ‘Plastique’ Darlings & reluctant sidekick ‘Losing Nemo’ “Its one thing to wear it, its quite another to have to eat it. 

From Westend shows to EcoFestivals, our team have experience and passion to take this Fringe-worthy show, a bunch of talented young people (aged 13-17yrs) and humanities worst crisis to the worlds largest art festival. 

We need help to develop the show marketing, show registration, show development, props and costumes. Please note: travel and accom costs will be paid by the parents. Venue, tech and rehearsal space have been given in kind or underwritten. 

Dodo Circus and the Doomsday Disco uses humour to engage with the most important issues of our time, as we get off the soapbox and act, getting down and even funky and put our youth centre stage!

Inspired by Youth Striker Movement started by Greta Thunberg the Swedish School Striker who in one year created a movement, which has gone from one student striking to over 10 million.  Amazing. It makes changing the world seem possible.

So to help we are creating a fast, funny and punchy show taking on all these big issues of the climate crisis – making them hilarious, real and accessible. We aim to make changing the world something really doable for all. We want to ride the wave and enthusiasm of the Youth Strikers and developed this youth show called Dodo Circus and the Doomsday Disco and we need your help!

The Youth Strikers have huge public support which has brought powerful leverage to create real change.  Dodo Circus and the Doomsday Disco is a multi media youth show that aims to tackle all the big topics of the climate crisis in a comic and edgy way, including street theatre, flash mobs and mock protest. We debut with a 5 day run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.
Say a fabulous Hello to ‘Plastique’ Darlings, a waning showgirl who’s guaranteed to last forever and her reluctant sidekick ‘Losing Nemo’ who says “Its one thing to wear it like an accessory its another to have to eat it”

Behind the young performers are projections of the harsh facts and the great solutions will support this comic narrative. 

Meet the Odd Couple shacked up on a rapidly shrinking tropical island - Life & Death! 
‘Life’ is a Hipster Angelic Dude amazed that his sound bite social media messages simply aren’t working, whilst his own eco behaviour is literally rubbish, not even recycled rubbish.  Whilst tap dancing and song-tunes ‘Death’ feels like he’s winning the lottery with Mass Extinction on the menu. Or God re-engaging Noah’s services again to keep the wife happy as she’s gone all hurricane on him. Then of course there is Dodo the Ringmaster!

From West end shows to Eco Festivals, our team have experience and passion to co-create this Fringe-worthy show with a bunch of talented young people from the South West aged between 14-17yrs. 
With so many things on the rise; sea levels, temperatures, populations, carbon omissions,  we see at last that people are rising too – especially the Youth!  So roll up to the Dodo Circus get on board or on the dancefloor at the Doomsday Disco, so we can all Be the Change!
Dodo Circus and the Doomsday Disco Show tackles most important issues of our time, using humour to cut thru whilst being a part of global youth movement at the world's largest arts festival. Lets get off the soapbox and act, getting down and even funky and put our youth centre stage!
Dodo Circus Future 

We would love to film the process and find more performance opportunities like COP26  but also take this around schools, then for them to do themselves developing a schools show pack, as its skit formats its very easy to mix it up and add their ideas too.

Why fund
We need your help to raise funds to develop the show and to put on an awesome performance. Costs include: venue, tech, rehearsal room hire, marketing, develop school show pack,  show registration, show development, props and costumes - total £5430. 

The venue have generously offered to underwrite the venue hire and tech costs against tickets sales, plus we have FREE rehearsal space at South Devon College and the Totnes Guildhall too in the summer holidays.  Bringing down the new total to £3432. 

This fundraise will enable more resource and development time of for the show, allow for better costumes and props and help to market the show widely to help promote the message. 

Please note: all travel and accommodations costs are separate and not included.

We hope to exceed our target we will use those funds to find more opportunities for this show to share its message, making a documentary of the experience, plus bring the show to prominent eco events to keep the voice of youth on this issue centre stage.

·       Please give what you can to support this funny, edgy, accessible youth show on the climate crisis
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This will be a landmark moment in these young people lives, not just taking their own show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but taking back control over their future, changing hearts and minds of those the show touches and instilling some real and tangible hope back in our lives.

Who are we - Young Performers, Supportive Creatives and Parents.

Young Performers

Patrick, Zoe, Amy, Poppy, Arthur, Toby, Archie, Cate, Sophie, Theo, Ella  - the performing arts students.
"We are really keen to head to biggest Arts festival in the world - Edinburgh and present a fresh take on Climate Crisis - it’s the youth leading the charge and  driving the force of change".  

"Not only is this an amazing experience, as young performers we are determined to have a future. Global Warming is real and it feels good to be a part of something that might make a difference in the world." 

"We are excited to perform at Edinburgh, were we will gain huge experience as well as an awesome CV achievement; pushing our own limits with a fresh and original show to a new crowd. Saying Its not too late!"

Victoria Whelan

Victoria is a mum and Principal of a performing arts school for young people. Together they make films, perform on West End stages, plus local musicals and create cool immersion theatre projects. 

She runs her own production company  and is a musician with many album releases. Victoria mentors change makers to bring their projects to the world and produces ecoart, albums and festivals, working with Resurgence, Schumacher College, Emercombe, she ran Bristol's Big Green Week in the European Green Capital year and my own festival that’s run 4 times now, in Stroud  Hawkwood’s Seed Festival which has, run biannually since 2013 a leading eco event in the UK. We host an amazing green line up of speakers with inspirational and practical workshops, hive minds, crucial conversations, challenging talks and debates as well as performances to celebrate what has been achieved and to encourage us further.
Speakers include: Charles Eisenstein author of Sacred Economics, Eden Project’s Tim Smit, Ecocide Lawyer the late Polly Higgins; What if Author and Transition movement founder Rob Hopkins; BBC  Mary Portas ‘Queen of Shops’, Mike Berners Lee author of There is No Planet B. BBC’s Springwatch Gillian Burke, BBC’sTribe’s Bruce Parry; Green Party Leaders Caroline Lucas & Natalie Bennett,  Soil Association’s Helen Browning, Friends of the Earth CEO Craig Bennett, Eco Legend Satish Kumar; Good Energy CEO Juliet Davenport and the Head of RSA Matthew Taylor and many more. We are hoping to rally the support of the above for the Dodo Circus and the Doomsday Disco Youth Climate Show project.
“For me,  out of all the global eco movements, I find Greta and the Youth School Strikers so inspiring as its their world, their future, so to support youth to bring their vision to the world is exactly what I want to be doing”
Meg Fenwick

Meg studied Contemporary Performance and Theatre at MMU and it was here that she discovered the transformative power of Boal’s Forum theatre. She spent years performing, directing and facilitating groups all over the world, but believes that nowhere is quite like Manchester. 

She loves to find the comedy in every situation, even the more difficult, studying clown with Gaulier and comedy improv with the Maydays. Fascinated by people and how they choose to relate, Meg is also a relationship coach, using Marshall Rosenberg’s methods, a touch of theatre and a whole heap of playfulness.
She is currently Senior Drama Practitioner PT Writer and Director for ODD Theatre  in Manchester. Based at Z-arts, using theatre to address issues,e.g. environmental crisis, domestic violence, radicalization, mental health and self-harm.  
Working before that as Theatre Artist and youth engagement for Ordsall Community ArtsRio Ferdinand Foundation in Manchester, Curious Minds in Preston and Komedia in Brighton.
Meg and Victoria have worked together before at Seed Festival, Oxford Storytelling Festival and Dartington Arts; and they are passionate about the issue of climate change and supporting the voice of Youth.  Meg’s role is to work with the initial script created by the young performers and add comedic and theatrical value. Then She comes down to Devon 25th July to run a Masterclass with everyone!

Georgina Allen

She is the mother of one of the talented young people developing the show. She is a green activist in her own right and a Town councillor for green-beacon town Totnes and manages the Totnes Progressive Group, the Independent group on the council.  She currently chairs the Climate Emergency Working Group, looking to empower the community to become involved with a transformation within local government.  

She is enormously inspired by this project and is so grateful that her son and his friends have been given this extraordinary opportunity to express their passion on the stage of one of the greatest arts festivals in the world.  

This project in particular, with its emphasis on humour, ‘finding light in the darkest of corners’, bringing people together with laughter, is one that she and her son have completely got behind.  “The energy, love and infectious humour of the children involved is something that is just a pleasure to see.  I am a firm believer in tackling the worst of issues with an eye on joyfulness and positivity and I believe this show does just that.  I’m so happy to be involved”

Georgina is one of the many parents, giving their love, time and money to support the children in this life changing project and tackle the issues raised in Dodo Circus and the Doomsday Disco Show to give their children a future. Please lets us raise the funds to bring this amazing youth climate show Edinburgh Festival.