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Film review : We The Uncivilised, A Life Story


"The moment one definitely commits oneself, the Providence moves too" Goethe

As an introduction as to why I want to share this film with the CC community, I will say that the world events frighten me, the violence in my city fills me with dismay, and these feeling of fear and lack of power, I believe, stunts our ability to know what we, as individuals can do to make our world a better place. As part of the CC community trying to redress these fears with positivity and hope, I offer this film for your delectation and delight...pop corn optional.

This 2 hour documentary believes these are universal fears, and it addresses them by coming from a place where communities can create harmony through culture and collaboration between land and people. So, doesn't sound too sexy, and I admit there was a distinct lack of car chases, though there was some nudity, however, it was entertaining and inspiring, moving and at times frightening, so ticks quite a lot of boxes for a good movie night. The spirit of adventure of the band of heroes portrayed in the film is inspiring,  they show the power of  possibilities when knowing that 70% of the land we live in is owned by 1% of the population, could be overwhelmingly depressing. These are the people pushing the boundaries of society and addressing this fundamental question: What would a society look like that made decisions based on its children’s children, seven generations hence? And what does a society look like that doesn’t do this?”

The film is available on DVD, and you can find out more about the community around it on their website -





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