Tim Regester
@TechnoTim / Trailblazer member


Male, Long Melford, Suffolk, United Kingdom, birthday 7th January
Joined April 2016

Open Source and Cycling Evangalist, unashamed Green Marxist and Cultural Gannet
Spent teenage years campaigning against Nukes both power and destructive.
Studied Applied Economics at North East London Polytechnic.
Became a programmer by chance in late 1980's spent next 10 years in London programming.
Developed a love of Techno Music due to Clays Lane Housing Coop gained nickname.
Moved back to Suffolk
Commuted then finally became web developer since 2005.
Campaigning and Volunteering when not coding.


Key Skills





Parents who were solid active socialists.
Degree course taught Marx lecturers inspired.



British Telecom - Grunt/Programmer
John Brown Engineers/London Underground - IT Coordinator/Programmer/Morale Officer
Clays Lane Housing Cooperative - Finance Chair
Telephone Information Services - Software Engineer
Suffolk County Council - Programmer Analyst
3Com - Professional Services
Tim Regester Network Solutions - Using experience, paying it forward and learning.
Quay Theatre Sudbury Suffolk - Box Office Volunteer/Mentor/Web Developer


Pete Lawrence commented
30 January 2021, 15:48
Tim Regester
29 January 2021, 21:38
In 2019 I walked into the Quay Theatre where I volunteer. I met a friend called Charlie Haylock and as per usual we got yacking. There followed a lecture and discussion on the English language and its roots in Anglo Saxon culture. Then something extraordinary happened.
Pete Lawrence likes
19 September 2019, 8:56
Tim Regester
18 September 2019, 19:35
The Green New Deal offers a way to help resolve the Climate Emergency. But it needs to be tried by a major economy before others will see the sense in it. Here is how it works.
Michael Anthony commented
13 January 2020, 11:03
Tim Regester
30 July 2019, 22:47
Brittany Kaiser is the main principal in the Netflix Documentary "The Great Hack" about Cambridge Analytica. The influence of Cambridge Analytica on the EU Referendum via the use of datasets to target persuadable voters may be illegal
Michael Anthony and commented or likes
13 January 2020, 15:03
Tim Regester
11 May 2019, 09:21
Every year 1700 people die on our roads, of these just 1-2 are in collisions that can be attributed to Cyclists. Yet our media is obsessed by, in their view illegal behaviour by Cyclists, red light jumping, pavement riding etc. Peter Walker, author of the awesome book "Bike Nation" has made a film looking at this subject
Jeremy Pearce likes
24 March 2019, 22:38
Tim Regester
24 March 2019, 12:00
We hear all politicians claiming to protect the democratic votes of those who voted in the 2016 Referendum. But really that is all bollocks. People voted and did not vote for all sorts of reasons.
Tim Regester
6 March 2019, 15:39
Pre-dating Mat Dakin's project to de-google his online presence, I am working to make the new upcoming version of Campfire Convention limited entirely to Google knowing we exist and able to index publicly available posts.