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Female, Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom, birthday 3rd January
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I have been a milkmaid, nurse, garage attendant, journalist, magazine editor, author, web developer, digital community builder, online learning pioneer, university academic and company director.

All these in some way have fed my interest in people and how they engage with each other and the world around them.

I live in continual hope that there is a way that as macro and micro communities we can find a way around the corrupt and dysfunctional political structures, social systems and habits that threaten our global survival and individual fulfillment. 

I do not perceive people or want to be perceived in terms of the traditional labels used to characterise us, be it CV, income,  social status, academic achievement, place of birth or emotional ‘success’ . Within self formed, organic communities we can more easily be allowed to develop and accept our individual talents, interests and ethics.  Real communities have a constantly evolving sensibility and understanding of how we want to be and how to support ourselves and each other – in all aspects of living.

I currently run an online learning company for people who want to learn to write and tell stories – in all forms and genres.  We work with publishers such as Faber and Faber and develop and run courses for pioneers in the field of storytelling such as John Yorke.

We developed a successful model of teaching within a dynamic learning community with proven success but most importantly participant satisfaction. We are always looking for new ideas for courses and new kinds of people who want to learn. 


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