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Female, , birthday 3rd February
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Primarily I am an author, blogger and facilitator of death cafes, workshops and retreats.

Originally I trained as a nurse back in the seventies and went on to work for a while in the corporate film industry. Life massively changed after I was involved with plane airplane crash - it catapulted me onto a profound healing journey, which led me to work for many years as a psychotherapist specialising in trauma, grief and bereavement. I have an MA in the Rhetoric and Rituals of Death from King Alfred's, Winchester (one of the best years of my life) and I am co-author of several academic papers on end-of-life experiences. The study completely changed my relationship with life and death because it made me realise that death is a transition rather than an ending. This inspired me to develop Just Passing Through retreats and workshops, which encourage people explore life and death in a way that they may never have considered before. I have also facilitated over 50 Death Cafés - now taking place on zoom - which help people to talk about death and dying in a more honest and open way and I publish interviews on my blog with people who are actively engaged with what it means to be living consciously for a better world.


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Knowing I am just passing through this physical existence. The awareness that unless we acknowledge and accept our mortality, it's going to be difficult to move through the changes we are all facing with grace.

Watching birds feed their fledglings - it gives me hope for the continuing rhythms of the nature world amidst the chaos of human existence.

Speaking to people who are profoundly engaged with what it means to be living consciously for a better world.


Author of:
Living Fully, Dying Consciously: the path to spiritual wellbeing.
The D-Word: talking about dying
Sex, meaning and the menopause
Nearing the end of life: a guide for family and friends.
Creator of community Facebook page: Living Consciously for a better world.