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I'm a poet and therapist living and working in Pembrokeshire – with links to Oxfordshire where I still do some school counselling work and where my two granddaughters live.

I write, run and listen – and sometimes surf too.

I'm a perennial explorer and integrator of ideas and practices and my main current concerns are:
1: something I call 'soul-making' – a developmental practice framework for individuals to develop, psychologically and spiritual;
2: the wider ecology and connectivity of our human lives in the (non-human) world; and
3: the challenges of the climate emergency – and related ecological and social crises – and the need for us to develop 'tools for troubled times'.

Over the last few years, as well as having 'settled' in my life by the sea in West Wales, I've been involved with the Dark Mountain Project, the Spiritual Companions Trust, Ecopsychology networks and the Climate Psychology Alliance.

I've undertaken a number of writing projects and collaborations; coordinated a Soul Makers network (that has a similar feel to Campfire Convention, but had much less traction!); and edit Unpsychology Magazine – a vehicle for writing, art and other forms of expression loosely based around psychological themes. Last year, in 2018, I had a month long poetry residency at Oriel y Parc in St Davids, and an exhibition of poetry and artwork (in partnership with illustrator, Ruth Thorp) who also happens to be my daughter!

I'm the partner in a small publishing business – Raw Mixture Publishing – and have a number of books out through them: Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy (a book of small, poetic essays); Soul Meditations (reflective poetic meditations) and Blue Marble (an eco-poem about the earth and what we humans have done to it). This year I have a new set of poetry pamphlets coming out (PoetryMix 1, 2, 3 and 4), and Lifesongs (a follow up book of poetic meditations to Soul Meditations).

My therapeutic and coaching work takes place at St Davids Wellbeing Centre and online – and I'm particularly interested in working with artists, activists and other creatives who are endeavouring to make sense of things in these troubled times.

There may be more, but I think that's more than enough for the time being! I hope to connect...


Key Skills





Good writing; earth & ocean; humans (some) & non-humans; excellent music, fellow creatives & collaborators, the creative process. Cities & landscapes. My clients & those I work with. My wife, daughters, granddaughters, family, friends.

Writers: James Hillman, Ursula LeGuin, Alice Walker, Margaret Atwood, Nora Bateson, Neil Gaiman etc.

Good speculative fiction. Eco-leaning poets. Science writers.

Radical people who challenge norms & boundaries with gentleness, vulnerability & humanity.


Editor, Unpsychology Magazine (2014-present)
partner, Raw Mixture Publishing (2014-present)
Author of range of soul making books and poetry - including collaborations with artists (2007-present)
Counsellor, psychotherapist and coach in wide range of settings (school, community, private practice) (2000-present)
Wellbeing practitioner in educations sector and schools (1994-2000)
Advisor in equality issues in education (1987-94)
Labour Councillor (1984-1992)
School Teacher (1981-1987)


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