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Born in Germany as a "forces" child we moved constantly finally settling in Nottingham where I gloriously failed the 11+. Working in kitchens from the age of 15 yrs my ability to throw red leather spheres at people ( I topped Middlesex second eleven bowling averages in 1978) that and David Bowie, opened up a world of new possibilities. It was inevitable really that my CV should be a little unconventional. I have a HNC (Business Studies) a Law Degree and am a qualified solicitor. I also have a 706/1 & 706/2 in Basic and Advanced Cookery in addition to being a qualified Mime (2 years studying Etienne Decroux based corporeal mime) and I am a British Rowing Level 2 Rowing Coach. I have worked as a Chef, Solicitor, Actor, Producer, self employed Property Developer, Consultant and Rowing Coach. I have written my first novel and first play, both needing more work but after great feedback are nearing completion. Any offers of feedback greatly received.


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3 years 4 months ago
<a href="/profile/stephen-mitchelson/status-update-stephen-mitchelson-1479892399">Theatre must speak to the nation - and listen to it</a>

It's good to talk. Particularly in this post-truth world. Last...

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<a href="/profile/stephen-mitchelson/status-update-stephen-mitchelson-1479222538">When Reportage Turns to Cynicism</a>

The election of Donald J. Trump has led to considerable...

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<a href="/profile/stephen-mitchelson/status-update-stephen-mitchelson-1478690446">India v England: first Test, day one - live!</a>

Over-by-over report: Will England get off to a good start...

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3 years 4 months ago
<a href="/profile/stephen-mitchelson/status-update-stephen-mitchelson-1478505308">Democracy in the Digital Era</a>

Our current democratic models are crumbling and outdated. We need...

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