Shirley Rutter
@Teasel / Trailblazer member


Female, , birthday 4th February
Joined November 2018

I have come from a small family farming background, an environmental science degree, to social/mental health work, to gardening and much more recently to training and now practising as a Pilates teacher. The latter has helped me tremendously with back pain and also is helping me with my own confidence building. Now I try to help others to gain balance for their bodies and minds too by endeavouring to be a good movement teacher, running my own very small business teaching Pilates. I am always learning.

I and my family are involved in the climate crisis Extinction Rebellion campaign, all very recently, seeing the relevance to all of us & urgency of it.

I love the natural world, wildlife and plants of every sort. Gardening for sustenance and beauty. Sustainable farming. Permaculture.
I love music, song, theatre and am fascinated by words and their origins, by language.

I see the inequality in the structures of our society and am striving to find creative ways of righting this, in my own mind, rather than simply feeling angry or frustrated and hoping to work with others intelligently to balance things better.


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