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Female, Daventry, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, birthday 25th April
Joined April 2016

Yorkshire lass who grew up in York but was born in Seattle, Washington, USA.  Have dual nationality, very useful when you get of a plane full of Brits, no queuing at Immigration.

Married, two adult chidren, one of each.  

Lived in lots of places, York, Scotland, Hampshire twice and now in Braunston. 


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24 May 2018, 10:51
Sandra Ashford
23 May 2018, 16:08
GDPR - the route to madness and riches - or a device to get the small business in a turmoil.
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07 June 2017, 18:07
Sandra Ashford
5 June 2017, 14:38
America - the land where anything and everything is possible - great wide open spaces, big cities, great ocean views, amazing animals - oh and wasteful!
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01 April 2017, 5:50
Sandra Ashford
30 March 2017, 09:00
Are you are a regular walker? We all sit around so much these days at computers that we really do need to get out more.
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29 March 2017, 13:53
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26 March 2017, 18:05
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