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21 April 2017, 9:37
Sam Ring
18 April 2017, 11:33
After Twelve Episodes of Plotting, Scandal, and Intrigue, the latest series of Homeland reaches a thunderous, but not so unexpected climax, that leaves viewers speculating frantically as to what could possibly happen next on one of the most relevant shows to grace the airwaves in our time.
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08 February 2017, 10:22
Sam Ring
22 January 2017, 18:42
A relatively spoiler-free look at the series premier of one of the most politically relevant TV series of the times.
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21 December 2016, 16:00
Sam Ring
21 December 2016, 13:10
After his latest outburst, Nigel Farage has once again attempted to undermine not only the Schengen agreement, but also the German Chancellor's open door policy for refugees.
Kimm Fearnley and likes
17 December 2016, 11:44
Sam Ring
16 December 2016, 16:28
Reviewing the latest outing from the Star Wars Universe, and the first of Disney's "Anthology Films", how does Rogue One compare to it's predecessors from the Star Wars Universe?
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10 December 2016, 19:31
Sam Ring
9 December 2016, 00:29
A step in the right direction to combat poverty or will this further increase socioeconomic stagnation?
Sam Ring
6 December 2016, 14:08
Thought provoking testimonial from a republican electoral college member on why he believes Trump is unfit to be elected as P.O.T.U.S
Tanya Ring and commented or likes
13 December 2016, 20:10
Sam Ring
2 December 2016, 02:02
I look back at the HBO's newest powerhouse show, and reflect on what it has too offer in comparison to other critically acclaimed show's.