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Male, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, birthday 31st January
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A lifelong environmentalist and music lover (but sadly not a musician), my road to real independence really began when I arrived in London as an ecology student just in time to catch The Clash a couple of times and become an activist with the anti-nuclear movement.

After a gap decade filled with various jobs including several contracts in Wales with the RSPB, (including one on red kite before the reintroduction scheme)  and a couple of adventures in east Africa, I settled down with Stas, became a parent and started working for Greenpeace.

I was with Greenpeace for 22 years, for most of that time working as an oceans campaigner and for over a decade heading up the international campaign to create a global netowork of ocean sanctuaries from its inception. Greenpeace was and is a fantastic campaigning organisation and through Greenpeace I learned so much, the work being extremely varied, from doing deckwork on the Greenpeace ships to making interventions in the UN.

All good things come to an end and in summer 2015 I left and since then I have been working as a freelancer as well as helping care for our elder son who has developed a serious mental illness. I am fortunate to live in an extended family set-up with my 93 year old father and two of my sisters and their husbands in rural Herefordshire.  We are lucky to have an old Victorian walled vegetable garden and so grow a good proportion of our vegetables for the year - all organic of course!

When I moved back to Herefordshire over a decade ago, the one thing I really missed about living in London was the live music scene and so remembering the spirit of punk decided to do something about it and have been putting on occasional gigs under the banner of the Wild Hare Club ever since providing a platform for the best of the local performers and bringing in friends and favourites from London and elsewhere.

There's lots more including my involvement in The November Project - a renewables project on the tidal Thames - but that's more than enough about me, please tell me your story....





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The natural world - oceans, forests, mountains, deserts and their associated wildlife. Word and soundsmiths, activists and artists, so off the top of my head and in no particular order: The Clash, Spike Milligan, Bruce Chatwin, Dylan, Marley, Steven Appleby, Patti Smith, Steinbeck, Edward Abbey, fellow Greenpeacers, Elizabeth Frink, Will Self, Frida Kahlo, Mr Thomas (an inspiring biology teacher), friends, family and especially Stas, my better half. Add red wine and Africa, then stir.


From Summer 2015: Freelance consultant - campaigns, communications and events.

1993 - 2015: Greenpeace, from 2004 -2015 I led the international campaign to create a global network of ocean sanctuaries.

Pre -summer 1993:  various inc. contract work for RSPB, working on an organic farm and some freelance journalism




Marva Jackson Lord and likes
07 November 2016, 21:37
Richard Page
2 October 2016, 14:50
Or why it’s worth paying the price on the ticket. This first appeared as a blog on published on 29th September. It makes the case why people shouldn't mind paying to go and see live gigs and shows and why musicians and other creatives should be paid for their work.
Michelle Spriddell and commented or likes
23 September 2016, 0:54
Richard Page
20 August 2016, 10:12
One man’s account of Campfire Convention 001. Note, this is only the half of it. Each of the several hundred other people there will have their own stories, all to be shared, many, no doubt, around the campfire. First published on 18th August 2016