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Female, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, birthday 14th September
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Recently I directed a multi- award-winning feature documentary, One Note at a Time. It was a ten year labour of love, made with many people. It will be released on 24th August 2018, in the UK in 2018. It's about New Orleans' musicians and a health charity, The New Orleans' Musicians' Clinic, which helps save their lives, and therefore the legendary New Orleans sound, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The film shows the tragic effects of a failing USA healthcare system, and how a community can triumph at times of sudden change and disaster. The film is represented by The Little Film Company, and will be distributed in the UK by Munro Films. It will be screened during the Shute Festival in Devon in September. We are producing a soundtrack wth a New Orleans record label to release with the film.

I'm working on another New Orleans based documentary, about a poet.

For 15 years I film edited current affaires series' Panorama, Dispatches & Unreported World. Editing award-winning and nominated Panorama Specials, inc. The Mind Reader, which won the Medical Journalist's Association Broadcast Doc Award, and the RTS winning The Hutton Inquiry. I consult on films, editorially and for music.

I'm also developing a children's media brand. The team aim to publish two young children's books in a number of languages, and to create a taster film for an animated series. We also aim to publish a novel for older children, with the same characters, and to make an animated feature film taster.

I have a toddler. I came late to parenthood. I absolutely love every minute.

One of my strengths is creating amazing teams. This enables me and my colleagues to produce multiple projects at once. Having worked and played in film, TV and theatre since I was a child, I have a large community of talent and knowledge, and so the aim is to spend the rest of life producing entertaining, moving and inspiring material.


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