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Male, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, birthday 1st March
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Professional hippy! 

I teach mindfulness and yoga, and practise shiatsu in Nottingham- website - it's why I was put on this earth!

In November 2015 I started a project collecting aid for refugees - -  As of writing (September 2016) we have filled (to bursting) one 6.5 tonne truck,  3 long wheel base transit vans, and 5 short wheel base vans, which have been sent variously to Syria, Greece, Turkey and Calais.

I'm a big fan of the philosopher Ken Wilbur and his Integral Theory, which I was attracted to as it I was already thinking in similar (but far less informed!) terms - particularly with regards to health & wellbeing practices - both personal and with my clients. Namely that we shouldn't just have a "holistic" view - but a holistic practice, actively developing our relationships with our body, emotions, mind and spirit.

This after all is the real purpose of mindfulness practice - to learn about ourselves. The more we learn, the wiser and more self-compassionate are the choices we can make in our own lives, and the more capacity we have to understand others. The big mission within modern mindfulness, is to reconnect people with their bodies. To engage with our body's natural processing mechanisms for our emotions - it's all rooted in sensation. Modern psychology now recognises what Buddha taught 2,500 years ago, that every thought creates a sensation in our body. Simply through awareness with the sensation we can change our response to the thought, enabling us to heal our childhood wounds - to bring our shadows into the light.

This however is only a part of the journey. When we combine this with practices such as the work of Byron Katie, which allows us to examine the deeper truths behind our stressful thoughts, practices of unconditional love, the insights of psycho-therapists such as Robert Masters we have an incredible tool-kit for self-development.


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Spirituality wise: Krishnamurti, Adyashanti and Ken Wilbur

Psychology wise Robert Masters (To be a man), and Gay & Kathleen Hendricks (At the speed of life)




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09 December 2017, 1:18
Pete Anderson
7 December 2017, 15:23
Join us online on Sunday to share the love! We'll be practising a loving kindness meditation, a simple practise which is all about generating loving compassion for ourselves, and for everyone else! You can join in absolutely free of charge, but if you'd like to make a donation, all the money will go to Basket Brigade Nottingham - a magical yearly event which delivers Christmas hampers families in need or crisis
Sunday, 10 December, 2017 - 19:00
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01 April 2017, 5:50
Pete Anderson
31 March 2017, 13:02
I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t experience turbulent times in their life and that includes a number of enlightened spiritual teachers... …and yet society gives us the message that we have to be strong; stiff upper lip and all that. We are taught that it’s weak or shameful to show vulnerability, despite the fact that all of us experience these times. Until we understand its OK to feel upset, then all we’re doing is fighting against ourselves; shaming and hurting ourselves.
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30 October 2016, 18:32
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