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I have existed in this world for just over 59 years, and now circumstances and a glut of time are enabling me to think clearly and deeply (for what currently feels like the first time in my life) about what's important in all of these existences that we navigate our collective ways through, and while it might well be the case that nothing physical can embody those existences, the sense of dream leading to physical reality is still as inspiring, engaging and fulfilling as it's always been.

Having that glut of time has facilitated me in realising that thanks to a combination of societal trends and state-sanctioned austerity our built environment is now peppered with disused buildings, which in some cases are modest architectural delights, and which are united not only in neglect, but also in being the property of careless, carefree owners who might well have more, materially speaking, than they know what to do with. This realisation has led me to a couple of conclusions.

The first is more an ambition than anything else, and that is to establish in such a building, along with an assembly of like-minded individuals, an urban music hub, a facility that offers rooms for online music retailers, office space, rehearsal space, perhaps professional recording facilities, and which ultimately gives a neglected building new purpose, and a new or renewed sense of purpose in the lives of those who'd like to join me in a co-operative venture of this kind.

Secondly, it's enabled me to realise, albeit in an oblique way, that none of us should define ourselves in terms of what we do or what we've done, especially when in many instances what we've done and do equates too closely with what we have to do out of economic necessity in order to put food on the table (or eat it off someone else's table if we prefer eating out) So in terms of what I've done, I have out of the very economic necessity referred to above, had to put my lifelong passion for music 'on hold' and although my current circumstances are hardly what they could be in terms of being positively placed to indulge that passion, the recent passing of my elderly dad has in a sense made me realise my own mortality, and how I want to see what remains of it through with fulfilment and a deep yet slightly belated sense of achievement.


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In no particular order..........

Silence / near-silence

Knowing that in its migratory there-and-back the Cuckoo flies between 6 and 9,000 miles

The sun coming up in the morning / the sun going down at night

The distinct possibility that the Swallow can hear ultra-low frequency sounds.

Music (one word, so many variations, so many positive lifts, so much inscrutability etc)

The breaking down of barriers to understanding

Disregarding pigeonholes / categories


The Profession of Benignly Being


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22 July 2020, 17:46
Nic Jones
18 July 2020, 06:25
I am currently a one-person business selling new / second hand vinyl / CDs / cassettes online. I am currently operating from home and I'm looking for business partners to help develop / expand the business with a greater depth of stock and the development of online sales. Ideally I would like the business to develop and evolve along co-operative / stakeholder lines, with the aim of breaking down the employer / employee divide which I believe can be as big a disincentive as incentive.