Michael Anthony
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Male, , birthday 21st September
Joined January 2020

Lived a few different lives by this point. Studied Art and Design and practiced those and Architecture. Used to live in the UK. Not done that for over twenty years now. Came to France, West.
Currently practice fine Art which includes painting, drawing and three dimensional work, from a studio at the top of the house here!
Semi retired after a transplanted kidney a number of years back, done in France!
Still enjoy all the things of life yet at a wiser more mature pace, and more civilised then maybe the UK nowadays!
My French is still rubbish yet I give it a go. My life partner is French as are two of my cats, a third is Brighton British, or was!


Key Skills





The sun!


Simple highlights.

. Medway College of Art and Design.
(became the Kent Institute of Art and Design)

. Royal collage of Art.

. Environmental Trading Company. Designers and Architects.

. Mbro88 ™️

. ETC Services Ltd.

. Sunny Studio ™️


Pete Lawrence commented
06 April 2020, 10:46
Michael Anthony
6 April 2020, 09:23
Click link to the article url. Very interesting read!
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26 March 2020, 20:25
Michael Anthony - Update
2 weeks 2 days ago
Michael Anthony
8 March 2020, 11:59
Youtube video link to Conversation on economics and the virus in politics!
Michael Anthony
7 March 2020, 04:05
Pollution change
Michael Anthony
7 March 2020, 03:43
Possible drug to use against coronavirus!
Michael Anthony
16 February 2020, 08:41
U.S. War’s!?
Michael Anthony
10 February 2020, 10:17
Thursday sketch meeting. Burie, France.Familiar Oak in Burie vineyard 20.02.20
Michael Anthony
9 February 2020, 13:58
Click on the link the article !
Pete Lawrence commented
06 February 2020, 20:51
Michael Anthony
3 February 2020, 17:49
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