Mia Manners
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Female, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, birthday 17th August
Joined May 2017

Spacetime Co-inventor of the worlds first holographic fabrics and printing 89- current as we are remapping and re-outing our invention with Aphex Twin current tour & CND using high holographic techniques...things have moved on since '89
Partiesforpurposes current, bringing people together raising awareness in the environment with the 5 E's - Education, Entertainment, Environment, Equality & Employment!
https://girlsfromthegreenstuff.blog/ a place where I let off steam, open myself up to what comes, and just allow a connection to my higher self down load old, new, in-between real life & above and beyond....

Life is accelerating as the old paradigms crashes down, with a new model green army rising to defend all sentient beings, no matter who and what you are...feel the force, feel your own unique vibrations and keep things close to your intracellular- sub-atomical particle quarks and quackery ....
Feel, hear, see, touch, taste and be who you are
It has taken me a while to switch off the main stream and connect to all things bright and beautiful for a world imagined and tangible..
and most of all love all the bits from dark to light, shadowy and bright!

You can come and find me in either Nottinghill Gate Farmers market on Saturdays 9-1pm and or Islington Farmers Market on Sunday 10-2pm
unless I am away, abroad, or doing something other...I am always to be found selling organic sourdoughs, ryes, spelts, lava lava, croissants etc etc! https://www.lfm.org.uk/


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Energy good melodic music, wood land, meadows, fires, organic food, playing, being and just getting on with what is in front or behind me...


Flying Sorceress - Promoter UFO Sam 1987
Spacetime holographic wear -1989 - current
Partiesforpurposes - 1997 - current
GirlsfromtheGreenStuff - 2007 - current https://girlsfromthegreenstuff.blog/
Mettatherapies 2009 - current http://mettatherapies.co.uk/


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18 December 2019, 12:10
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10 March 2018, 15:57
Mia Manners
9 March 2018, 12:00
Why I choose Organic, local and seasonal every single time
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06 November 2017, 6:56
Mia Manners
4 November 2017, 07:02
Today I will be flexing my passion on how I feel about the current farming production system in this country. Why are the farmers so poor, and why are some so rich? Subsidies my dear is why we are all poverty driven....false costs matching false markets...selling dead foodstuffs making us sick, tired, and lost in who we are..
Saturday, 4 November, 2017 - 06:35
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3 years 5 months ago
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20 September 2017, 10:21
Mia Manners
18 September 2017, 08:59
My brother lester & I got to The Goodlife Experience and we're delighted to find something different in festival life.