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After growing up in Ireland and working for a few years in London, I spent 22 years in Japan, where I married and started a family and my own online business. A couple of moves later, I found myself back in London in 2014.

In addition to running my small online retail business (selling Japanese goods to customers worldwide), I also work as a professional translator of Japanese to English.

While going through an amicable divorce, I decided to view this life change as an opportunity to explore new things. One of these was joining a twice-monthly men's group in north London. Apart from the enjoyment of spending time with other men in a positive, supportive and non-judgmental space, this also led me to explore the issue of fatherhood, in particular for men who did not have an ideal role model growing up. And so, on Father's Day 2019, I launched Father Lessons, an online project track my journey as a father and hopefully build a community of other men seeking to break cycles of behaviour and thinking that prevent them from being the fathers they could be.

I would be delighted to find others who would be interested in collaborating on this project!


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I like to think of myself as broad-minded and open to ideas and influences from all directions. But ultimately, what influences my thinking or my mood are the things that reach me at a primal or subconscious level, be that music, theatre, ideas or conversation with interesting people.


I worked in English language teaching for several years in Tokyo before getting into education-related software and website development.

I started Japan Zone as an online portal in 1999, offering information about Japan, its history and lifestyle, sightseeing and pop culture.

In 2007, I added an online store to the business. And around the same time, I started doing Japanese English translation work.

In 2019, I launched Father Lessons as an (initially) online project for fathers.


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