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Presently developing Globefox Health, a patient-led healthcare data, innovation and research programme to enable personalised health and wellbeing for rare and complex disorders.

Research areas: critical success factors for the design industry, the roots of 20th C cultural and political movements, inclusivity and diversity, esp. the value of neurodiversity, UX for cognitive impairments, and the interactions between belief systems, the endocrine system and human cognition.






False spring


The birds are singing today 

Louder than they should be 

And as I walk through the wood

Stepping quietly
Stepping like a deer

To practice in case I ever have to run
For who can now say that we will never have to run

And because I can hear the birds

More clearly

But they are singing today

Louder than they should

And though the sun 


Teezes the gorse blossom out of bud

Thaws the frost 

Spills amber gold coral branches across the sky

I worry, 

Wish for the birds not to nest too soon

In this false spring.

As I walk through the wood

Stepping quietly
Stepping like a deer



Work in progress..




amanda montague

We have been having fools springs since Spring began- I believe our winter will nip us- fear not. I choose to be grateful for the warmth and the respite of the freezing cold, to take joy in the freezing mists, the catkins - i saw Violets in Salcombe flowering in December- rather than drag me down I let their courage and tenacity spur me on in dark times- I refuse to go down, Ill take my stand right up there with the Violets x

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