Lucy Wills
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Female, , birthday 31st March
Joined December 2019

Presently developing Globefox Health, a patient-led healthcare data, innovation and research programme to enable personalised health and wellbeing for rare and complex disorders.

Research areas: critical success factors for the design industry, the roots of 20th C cultural and political movements, inclusivity and diversity, esp. the value of neurodiversity, UX for cognitive impairments, and the interactions between belief systems, the endocrine system and human cognition.






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10 March 2020, 18:29
Lucy Wills
10 March 2020, 17:28
it's all so quiet, all so still
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14 February 2020, 9:20
Lucy Wills
14 February 2020, 08:10
A simple exercise for your heart on Valentine's day and beyond.
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14 February 2020, 12:34
Lucy Wills
13 February 2020, 01:07
Thoughts and perspectives prompted by George Monbiot’s talk 11th feb 2020. Work in progress.
Lucy Wills
1 February 2020, 15:41
We are all creative, and in our own different ways, yet for those of us who put our heart and soul into the work we do to earn a living, certain risks go along with the rewards. Or do they?
Lucy Wills
20 January 2020, 17:28
What have we done?
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31 January 2020, 8:51
Lucy Wills
11 January 2020, 00:04
On identity, and expression.
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09 January 2020, 21:53
Lucy Wills
9 January 2020, 18:15
work in progress, thoughts on conflict, and the nature of healing, and being called to heal.
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09 January 2020, 18:41