Female, Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, birthday 20th March
Joined November 2016

I'm an independent thinker, writer, public speaker, coach and facilitator, working with Thinking Environment processes to get individuals, groups and organisations thinking critically for themselves.  Formerly a public health and community worker, for the last ten years I've worked as a teacher educator, developing a pedagogy of social purpose education which has traction in any setting.  

I'm part of Campfire because of its potential to do exciting, rhizomatic work, outside hierarchies which do nothing but shore up the status quo.  I'm interested in getting beyond the pain of identity politics and finding common ground to do affirmative work.  

I think my best skill is building community - face to face for sure and also across social media :-) 

I'm a single parent from a working-class community, I've been a public servant virtually all my working life and with my son settled now at University it's time for me to think differently about my life.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@loumycroft).  My website is and email


Key Skills





An amazing 'community of praxis' of colleagues, students, graduates, critical friends sharing a vision of education which serves people, not profit.

The posthuman philosophy of Rosi Braidotti, roots in Spinoza's affirmative ethics.

(Probably above all) bell hooks, who shouts for me, not at me.

Campaigns which try to reach beyond standpoints of pain, rooted in identity.  Affirmative politics.





Please search Louise Mycroft on 

Thank you :-) 


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