Female, Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, birthday 20th March
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I'm an independent thinker, writer, public speaker, coach and facilitator, working with Thinking Environment processes to get individuals, groups and organisations thinking critically for themselves.  Formerly a public health and community worker, for the last ten years I've worked as a teacher educator, developing a pedagogy of social purpose education which has traction in any setting.  

I'm part of Campfire because of its potential to do exciting, rhizomatic work, outside hierarchies which do nothing but shore up the status quo.  I'm interested in getting beyond the pain of identity politics and finding common ground to do affirmative work.  

I think my best skill is building community - face to face for sure and also across social media :-) 

I'm a single parent from a working-class community, I've been a public servant virtually all my working life and with my son settled now at University it's time for me to think differently about my life.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@loumycroft).  My website is and email


Key Skills





An amazing 'community of praxis' of colleagues, students, graduates, critical friends sharing a vision of education which serves people, not profit.

The posthuman philosophy of Rosi Braidotti, roots in Spinoza's affirmative ethics.

(Probably above all) bell hooks, who shouts for me, not at me.

Campaigns which try to reach beyond standpoints of pain, rooted in identity.  Affirmative politics.





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Thank you :-) 


Campfire Sparks...We Have Lift Off! 2/7 2017


What a splendid unusual afternoon spent discussing the space between the lines...and coming from love not fear... refreshing, uplifting & authentic.

So it's time to launch ourselves on the world! And it certainly seems as though the Campfire chrysalis has begun rousing in the last few days. @Kate Edgley's Get Me Outta Here is extraordinarily energetic writing, I was breathless reading it and identified so closely with it that my own nerves were twanging...I will certainly be checking out Kate's antidote to being caught up in the 'sandwich generation' (caring for kids and parents). The More to Life Organisation sounds like good people for Campfire to hook up with. @Ian Cuthbert is writing again - hurray! - his piece about Grenfell, They own the land, they made the poor poor (drawing on Ben Chu's Guardian article) was published on The Bugle today; like so much of Campfire's writing on this outrage it has an angry, visceral quality which provokes activism. Remember there's a Project around Grenfell activism if you want to contribute.

@Pete Lawrence has been on the road again after a brief hiatus. His photographs from last night’s Chesham Conversation have an immediacy which makes me feel like I was involved even though I was miles away. Pete quotes @Mia Manners: "What a splendid unusual afternoon spent discussing the space between the lines...and coming from love not fear... refreshing, uplifting & authentic." Keep your eyes on the Campfire Conversations page for details of forthcoming events.

It's good to see people using their Status Updates to connect on the website (even if they are not good news, heal quickly @Bryony Croft). As @Pete Lawrence's pre-launch Call to Action lands in our inboxes, it's worth remembering that Status Updates are a quick and easy way of getting some traffic moving on the site. I know from previous work that building an online community can feel thankless for the longest time...every word written is worth it for building something that is going to be really impressive when people access it. I've been putting together a Twitter strategy to build a pre-course buzz and would welcome support from the community in terms of following and retweeting @Campfire_Circle - takes nanoseconds and will help to build our following. On the same topic, quite a few people contribute to the Facebook page - that's grand, and it would be great if Trailblazers posted/curated stuff here on the website first, then used Facebook to tease people into the main site: "Read this and so much more thought-provoking stuff on" etc. I don't use Instagram much - and my account was hacked a few weeks ago, so I'm starting again from scratch - so it would be great if someone would volunteer to share the many gorgeous photos we're collecting, on Instagram. That's where so many people are at the moment. I'll be doing some work on LinkedIn in the coming weeks and I'm happy to establish a Campfire presence there - but as with everything it's all about drawing people onto the site.

Back to this week's Sparks after that digression! @Pete Lawrence has been photographing the Best UK Beaches and also took time out to comment on Jeremy Corbyn catching the fashion zeitgeist at Glastonbury ;-) Pete was also musing on the potential hubris of Mark Zuckerberg in his article Facebook - Doing the Church's Job?

One of the joys of Campfire is catching up with what you've missed. I will certainly be joining you around a Virtual Campfire @Michelle Spriddell and once this Sparks is published I will be returning at ease to catch up with @John Worth's Project of a few months ago about health literacy, What Could a New Operating System for Health Look Like? Some juicy comments on there that I will be devouring too (on a hot day that's a sticky metaphor).

By the time the next Sparks is published, the site might be launched with its all new features so there will be plenty more to explore. In the meantime please keep writing, posting and staying in touch.

Lou x




Kate Edgley

Thanks for such generous comments about my piece Lou. And for drawing our attention to all that's good on Campfire. I find your bulletins a great way of catching up with what I've missed on this fabulous site. Kate x


Lou Mycroft

Thanks Kate! Really appreciated x


Kimm Fearnley

Thank you @Lou Mycroft for your interesting newsletter. X

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