Female, Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, birthday 20th March
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I'm an independent thinker, writer, public speaker, coach and facilitator, working with Thinking Environment processes to get individuals, groups and organisations thinking critically for themselves.  Formerly a public health and community worker, for the last ten years I've worked as a teacher educator, developing a pedagogy of social purpose education which has traction in any setting.  

I'm part of Campfire because of its potential to do exciting, rhizomatic work, outside hierarchies which do nothing but shore up the status quo.  I'm interested in getting beyond the pain of identity politics and finding common ground to do affirmative work.  

I think my best skill is building community - face to face for sure and also across social media :-) 

I'm a single parent from a working-class community, I've been a public servant virtually all my working life and with my son settled now at University it's time for me to think differently about my life.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@loumycroft).  My website is and email


Key Skills





An amazing 'community of praxis' of colleagues, students, graduates, critical friends sharing a vision of education which serves people, not profit.

The posthuman philosophy of Rosi Braidotti, roots in Spinoza's affirmative ethics.

(Probably above all) bell hooks, who shouts for me, not at me.

Campaigns which try to reach beyond standpoints of pain, rooted in identity.  Affirmative politics.





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Thank you :-) 


Best. Sparks. Ever.


Campfire was a safe space at a dark time, which allowed me to keep thinking of myself as a writer until I was free again to find my voice.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been indulging myself in Campfire Convention. Every time I've had a spare few minutes, I've settled down to my phone, or laptop, or iPad and lost myself in thoughtful, fire-full, articulate and passionate voices. This is my very personal best of the latest.

One of the things I love about Campfire is that I think you get drawn to articles depending on the mood you're in. I was contemplative when I read @Marva Jackson Lord (ackee123)@'s homage to her mother, Veronica, and @Samantha Roddick's touching memory of her world changing mum, Anita. You inspired me to write about my own glorious, difficult mom - thanks to you both. 

@Sally Hughes provided practical inspiration with her creative micro-activities for lunchtime, at a time when I'd forgotten once again to even take a lunchtime. I have also chewed on Sally's most recent piece, Rethinking Growth: Mapping Utopia, based on a talk by Mark Lang and Terry Marsden. As a constellation of cutting-edge thinkers and activists, Campfire is a perfect space for fleshing out Utopian thinking. Another world is indeed possible, and the practicalities of how that might look are being designed here.

@Pete Lawrence shares Robert Peston's views on the recent Labour Party Conference, in The Strangest Politics I Can Remember. The awakening of British politics coincides with the genesis of Campfire and is at the heart of much of the thinking here. What interests me most about Peston's blog is the almost throwaway warning at the end. Speaking about Momentum he says, "I'd expected Bismarckian pearls. What I got was touchy-feely "we've all got to be nice and open with each other." Maybe Bismarckian pearls (sample: The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.) are what caused all this mess in the first place? Campfire is that rare place where hegemonies can genuinely be called into question.

Pete also reflects on a summer of travelling around the country for Campfire Conversations. Online engagement glowed very gently at times as this huge and complex website went through its beta-testing stage and on sunny evenings the flame of energy was found out and about, north to south, east to west. Each conversation had its own unique nature, but the themes of community, sustainability, change ran through them all. During the winter, these conversations become virtual spaces, via the weekly Forum Sofa Chat on Tuesdays at 7.30pm (here on the website - don't miss this week's guest, the glorious Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy). Last week's chat was with entertaining DJ/blogger Greg Wilson so have a read here to see how it all works. As a former raver myself (and so fortunate in the places I lived to be a regular at Nottingham's Garage, Manchester's Hacienda and Sheffield's Limit and Leadmill back in the day), I loved Greg's exploration Cutting Shapes - how dance music really hit the UK.  Particularly fascinating for me as I've recently been getting to know family in London who were parallel dance culture people...I now understand why their genealogy was so different.

I want to write so much more but I'm remembering this should be highlights (otherwise you'd just read the whole thing yourself, right?) so reluctantly I'm restricting myself to one more recommendation. As an educator it could be nothing other than @Julia Black's thought-provoking re-imagining of education Lights On or Off? - published back in August but I'd managed to miss it. This is another great thing about Campfire - we are all equal as thinkers. Julia, I'll be getting in touch.

And of course Campfire Convention 002.UK approaches, just weeks away now at the iconic Union Chapel in Islington - hope to see you there!

As the sparks ignite and Campfire really shifts from being one man's dream to a genuine, hope-filled movement, I have to take a step back...hopefully just for now and I will definitely be continuing as a member. It has been a privilege to be around for the beta testing year, supporting @Pete Lawrence along with many others. Speaking personally, Campfire was a safe space at a dark time, which allowed me to keep thinking of myself as a writer until I was free again to find my voice. I will always be grateful for the welcome and friendship you all extended - and I will be back.

Finally, @Pete Lawrence you are extraordinary. Your labour of love might just help to save us all. Enjoy this glorious (no pun intended) momentum and I will continue to walk beside you as we all imagine a better world.

Lou x

(PS thanks @Michelle Spriddell for the header favourite campfire visual).




Pete Lawrence

Thanks @Lou Mycroft .. your words run deep. Thanks for your input to date and I will look forward to renewing acquaintance in person at 002.UK

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