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I trained in the performing arts and then went into radio working for the BBC as a BBC Sound Engineer for over ten years. Worked on almost all the BBC's live and recorded programmes until starting my own radio production company. At the same time as being at the BBC I was a part-time singer in various bands singing jazz and folk music, gigging in various venues from folk clubs to the Savoy and at festivals. My radio production company made documentary programmes for BBC Radio 2 and Radio 3 on the history of the fairground, national service, the music of the 1950's, the history of electronic music, a guide to drums...and so on.....

The Internet drew me in to 'multimedia' in the late 1990's and I re-joined the BBC as one of their first web producers working on the launch of Then I got drafted to produce the BBC's first database-driven content ('WebGuide' - a guide to the internet written by BBC journalists). After that I worked with designers and coders to build the BBC's first and second message board systems, 'Howerd 1' and 'Howerd 2'; named after Frankie Howerd and his TV series 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'. After that it was starting the BBC's Chat services (live chats after TV and radio programmes) and teaching BBC producers how to run forums and chats. Did my PhD in the facilitation of what was called 'interactive media' then moved to academia where I ran a couple of departments (Broadcast Media and then Creative Technologies) and am now a Professor at London South Bank University overseeing their research in the School of Arts and The Creative Industries.

Am passionate about the evolution of public service media and how it can evolve to meet the challenges of a networked society. Am also pleased to be part of Campfire as a new member.


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27 August 2017, 10:55
Lizzie Jackson
26 August 2017, 10:41
After the terror incident in Borough Market early this summer the community is coming together for a one day festival on Saturday 2nd September to show our community spirit. These kinds of events are the 'glue' that's so important, particularly in the wake of terrorism. I watched the Channel 4 drama 'The State' last night - 4 x 40 minute episodes. An exceptional piece of work. Catch it on the player while you can.
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25 August 2017, 17:34
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13 August 2017, 8:00
Lizzie Jackson - Update
3 years 8 months ago
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27 August 2017, 10:58
Lizzie Jackson
11 August 2017, 16:39
From Wednesday 16th August until mid-September - in London - I'm looking for interviewees (in audio) for the research project which is looking at the organisational structures of creative media and high technology firms. CEOs and producers.
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12 August 2017, 9:34
Lizzie Jackson - Update
3 years 8 months ago
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17 August 2017, 12:28
Lizzie Jackson
11 August 2017, 15:34
It looks like a corporate HQ but MaRS is one of the largest co-working spaces in Toronto, if not worldwide. MaRS enables SMEs to take on bigger contracts through partnerships and networking. I would like to interview London-based CEOs and producers working in the Creative Industries who are either based in co-working offices or thinking about doing so.