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Right now it's like this..


If you're not living on the edge then you're taking up too much space!

What a crazy week. 
One in which the fact that I managed to get nettle-stung almost every time I went gardening, (daily) turns out to be the axis on which 

I was feeling pleasantly anticipatory about coming to my first CAMPOUT - I wanted to experience something different in addition to the conscious festivals which are my usual summer fare.  Having my favourite elements of community, communication and connection all in one  intentional setting, and with virtually no travel involved

And then suddenly, from out of left field it seems, I've managed to commit myself to holding a ritual where people intentionally wish to experience being whipped by nettles.

Didn't see that one coming....

Having spent years enabling people to approach their pain and their fears in a safe and therapeutic way, I find myself about to actually INFLICT pain on some willing and interested participants.

SO I'm feeling challenged to my roots on several levels!

Recalibrating my view of myself as somebody who works at moving folks away from pain and towards creating a kinder future for themselves....

Attempting to reconcile my spiritual and physical values with the act of intentionally creating hurt to other people's bodies...

Receiving online feedback which is disparaging about my motives (kinky) and way of expressing myself (psychobabble)!

Getting comfortable with the fact that I AM choosing to go ahead with the Ritual, assuming there will be others who are as interested as I am in rubbing up against the interfaces of physical pain, one's inner psychology and aligning with intention.

What I notice now is that it all seems to make a sort of sense...this online space is a precious opportunity; it is a diverse forum which allows us to connect along lines which suit us as real individuals who have real lives and struggles and successes, instead of presenting an airbrushed snapshot of an unreal life, beset by first world problems.

It's taken a while but today I find myself quite content with all this.

I used to climb cliffs and mountains which were usually way too hard for my level of ability and skill, but one of the things which used to keep me going was a saying which circulated in our group of climbing loons...

"If you're not living on the edge then you're taking up too much space!"

I feel as if I've been living comfortably unchallenged for way too long, and this is offering me a chance to expand my version of myself.

Even if no-one turns up (say you will Lisa!)the journey to get here was a riot of conflicting feelings and a fight to stay present to what truly was in front of me.

Thanks for the push to the edge Mr Lawrence!




Lisa Faiers

Yes, I am all the way behind you on this....planning to be there for it. You will be the first person I search out when I get there! It's a fascinating concept...