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Laird A Salmon
(Channel Director,Program Planner / Distributor)
Founder of
5 Star Film Company Ltd.
One World Television Channel" Franchise.
11 ingenious Intellectual Property licensing Models.
Laird was the concierge for the Virtuoso Classical Violinist,
Guinness Book of Records & Brit Awards Winner Nigel Kennedy in 1999, whose Fame connection experiences later inspired him to create the
“One World Television Channel Franchise” ( ) Applicants to join our Team can use this form & submit Photo.


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Telepath & Channeller of In genius Archetypal Blueprints.


Founder of the 1st Music Festival to be held on the Princes Trust Land. Concierge to Nigel Kennedy,Founder of 5 Star Film Company Ltd. Creator of a Triple Award Winning International Television Channel Franchise "One World Television" Creator of the Pay- Master Promo Appliance,(An App. that allows a Broadcaster to Sell Tickets & Broadcast on my / or their Own Website. Designer of "The Avant Guilds" Performing Arts Group. An International Alternative Creatives Community. (Ask Me about it!)


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Laird Salmon

The Emperor Constantine summoned his Chief of Guards, "Bring me the 4 Prisoners who call them selves Disciples. Here they are Sire,in chains, Mathew Mark,Luke & John" What Do You want Jews? roared the Emperor. We want our own Religion said John we dont want to follow the Jewish Faith but the teachings taught by our Messiah! Why do You want that? he retorted, "Because our Tribes are scattered & confused and enslaved,and this would bring order & Peace"
. And People would donate & leave Property to Your Church wouldn't they? We hadnt thought about that Your Imperial Majesty! Well thats settled it then I shall have my Holy Roman Church,and you four shall earn your board & lodgings and write its Scriptures,and if anything doesnt please us,or its not controlling enough of the People then we shall have you flogged! Decades later! Lords of the Senate the Romans Roman Catholic Church is a success,the new Christians think its theirs,and thats what weve told them to do, "well & good" and the Bible is on our Best Sellers list for the 30th year running!
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