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Joined November 2017

Laird A Salmon
(Channel Director,Program Planner / Distributor)
Founder of
5 Star Film Company Ltd.
One World Television Channel" Franchise.
11 ingenious Intellectual Property licensing Models.
Laird was the concierge for the Virtuoso Classical Violinist,
Guinness Book of Records & Brit Awards Winner Nigel Kennedy in 1999, whose Fame connection experiences later inspired him to create the
“One World Television Channel Franchise” ( ) Applicants to join our Team can use this form & submit Photo.


Key Skills





Telepath & Channeller of In genius Archetypal Blueprints.


Founder of the 1st Music Festival to be held on the Princes Trust Land. Concierge to Nigel Kennedy,Founder of 5 Star Film Company Ltd. Creator of a Triple Award Winning International Television Channel Franchise "One World Television" Creator of the Pay- Master Promo Appliance,(An App. that allows a Broadcaster to Sell Tickets & Broadcast on my / or their Own Website. Designer of "The Avant Guilds" Performing Arts Group. An International Alternative Creatives Community. (Ask Me about it!)


The Remote Workers Supervisors Appliance.                                                    



                                        The Remote Workers Supervisors Appliance.

                                                    A  SERVICE PROVIDED FOR THE LOVE OF INGENUITY AS WELL AS SERVICE. 


We will build you or your Company a similar appliance which will enable your teams to master workflow anyplace anywhere,and deliver data & communication instantly.

The Appliance will enable...


1. Decision making based on calculations.

2. Voice & Video messaging,Send Photographic evidence.

3. Send Location verification for overseas assignments

4. A Remote Workers Clock-in / out device.

5.  An appointment,Program or task scheduler.

6. Send files & reports.

7. Best of all,a Skype Screen-share panel.


With the "Screen-share" a Supervisor can monitor all the workflow initiated at other locations and determine whether defined periods of Computer inactivity are acceptable,or need to be discussed.

For Executives attending Conferences,or Journalists working on assignments or for a myriad of purposes,you cant afford to be without this device.



To order one...

Please use our website form at the link,and send us...

1. Your Logo or image file you want to brand your form with.

2.  Report any feature you want to leave out.

3. Any specific order of feature appearance on the form.

4. Send £49 via the PayPal Button,then send the completed form.


5. We will send you the same day,an embed code for you to publish it on your website & a link format which will publish it on a neutral operating page.




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