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Laird was the concierge for the Virtuoso Classical Violinist,
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Telepath & Channeller of In genius Archetypal Blueprints.


Founder of the 1st Music Festival to be held on the Princes Trust Land. Concierge to Nigel Kennedy,Founder of 5 Star Film Company Ltd. Creator of a Triple Award Winning International Television Channel Franchise "One World Television" Creator of the Pay- Master Promo Appliance,(An App. that allows a Broadcaster to Sell Tickets & Broadcast on my / or their Own Website. Designer of "The Avant Guilds" Performing Arts Group. An International Alternative Creatives Community. (Ask Me about it!)


Mar 2018

Discuss TV Program Distribution Strategy

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An unprecedented opportunity has arisen to earn back millions of pounds per week,from Television Channels who are perceptually breaking the British Ofcom licensing regulations. Ofcoms ruling is that all Channels must schedule at least 50% of their Programs sourced from European or U,K Productions. When American TV Channels are skimming £38,000,000,000 per annum from the U.K Corporate Advertisers,this rule was put in place to ensure some investment would go back to our Film Industry!The complete disregard for this rule,and the scheduling of 100% of Programs from the U.S by U.S Channels means that 109 Programs have never made any money,noon is broadcasting them,and the producers are out of pocket and up the creek without a paddle now. There are only 3 Main Sources for British Programs,ITV is the worst,then Channel 4 and by far the best & the largest,100% larger than ITVs is the BBC,where I have an account. (1) The Opportunity: If all the Channels were to begin to comply,then they would need to spend around £201,000,000 per week on British Program Content.

Now there are no independent distributors accept our Company 5 Star Film Company Ltd. The Distributors are all Mogul Film Companies that own TV Channels or vice versa. Now its likely that around 65% of this budget  go to the BBC as they have the best and most content.Strategy needed: This is a bit of a Devils Bargain situation,because i have written on my website sales portal that the BBC are likely to monitor their Client Program Purchasers Channels to see if they are complying with ofcom rules. This will scare them off creating direct accounts with the BBC.However,i have also scripted,that Our Company are concerned for the U.K Producers who have not been able to contract their programs and because there is such a large back log of Content unsold, we have become Content distributors in order to get these programs broadcast and their producers paid.Therefore we are in a neat position to position ourselves as intercessional Agents between the BBC Programs and the Commercial Channels.THE QUESTION IS,WHAT PERCENTAGE OF THAT COMPLIANCE PURCHASE AMOUNT WOULD THEY BE LIKELY TO FULFILL,AND HOW DO WE BEST GO ABOUT GAINING THESE CONTRACTS?    (Maybe 20% to begin with perhaps)  That would represent a pretax earning of £4,000,000 per week.(Dangers)The danger is,of scaring them off completely. If they feel the are being emotionally blackmailed out of guild or fear of being reported then they will surely snub us.  We need them to find out indirectly that there is a chance of ofcom or the Government taking action against them if they fail to comply, then see our Company as their salvation,there to assist them to find enough Content swiftly. The fact is,in my concern for the state of the British Film Industry i have already alerted the U.K Government,but the Tories are ignoring Me,because after all its their negligence as well and none wants to take responsibility for putting the matter right,so the hanged man is the Production Companies,and the Government have been thrown a devils bargain in this case and have taken the temptation.Tact & Diplomacy:  The Strategy must incorporate something that i have not yet conceived and be ingenious,thats why im calling for a brainstorming session next Saturday,in the hope that a Marketing Plan can arise. Im offering the opportunity to people on this Platform only. This will be an opportunity to prosper.The Opportunity is to earn £1000 for each 10 hours of Programs ordered from our website!   Remember the legal amount of Program hours these 400 TV Channels need to buy is 120,000 per week.Thats an enormous amount of money (£192,000,000) per week. Now these Channels wont just be buying for One network,because they are On SKY, Freeview,Virgin & Satview, they pay half as much revenue to play each repeat so the actual earning will  a lot knowing how many repeats they play out. 

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Laird Salmon

Im looking for individuals who are interested in collaborating as an International Television Distributors team.
This is definitely a no brainer as ive done most of the work. Its all research,searching for TV Programs Acquisitions Managers & decision makers on Linkedin,and adding them to Your Contact Lists or to mine,if you haven't a media profile. You then send them a Registration Form which grants the Password to our BBC Worldwide & M.G.M Films Accounts. Workflow will take place at a Project Management Site where all training information is posted. BECAUSE OF THE LUCRATIVE NATURE OF THIS BUSINESS THE COMMISSIONS ARE SUBSTANTIAL They Start at £100 per hour of Program licenses sold, then as soon as your account reaches 75 hours it leaps to £9,999 per hour for the next order,thats a 100 x increase for that cycle. Contact me if you want a contract.

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