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Laird A Salmon
(Channel Director,Program Planner / Distributor)
Founder of
5 Star Film Company Ltd.
One World Television Channel" Franchise.
11 ingenious Intellectual Property licensing Models.
Laird was the concierge for the Virtuoso Classical Violinist,
Guinness Book of Records & Brit Awards Winner Nigel Kennedy in 1999, whose Fame connection experiences later inspired him to create the
“One World Television Channel Franchise” ( ) Applicants to join our Team can use this form & submit Photo.


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Telepath & Channeller of In genius Archetypal Blueprints.


Founder of the 1st Music Festival to be held on the Princes Trust Land. Concierge to Nigel Kennedy,Founder of 5 Star Film Company Ltd. Creator of a Triple Award Winning International Television Channel Franchise "One World Television" Creator of the Pay- Master Promo Appliance,(An App. that allows a Broadcaster to Sell Tickets & Broadcast on my / or their Own Website. Designer of "The Avant Guilds" Performing Arts Group. An International Alternative Creatives Community. (Ask Me about it!)


The "Avant Guilds International Performing Arts Community Project


Individual "Little Beverly Hills collectives" where souls with a will to Perform or Create on the "Stage of Life" can incarnate,grow and deliver their talent to an on board "Contracting" Film Production Group

The Mandala of the Project is a Wheel,with the hub being represented by a lucrative Television Channel,a resource which will provide sponsorship funding for this Community Project. Land and Property will be purchased or built,and Community projects business plans can be submitted & if approved the envisioned Project will be sponsored according to the conditions.The condition is that a Film crew be allowed to film the construction of the Community Project or community or business start-up,and then a Film Production  Crew be integrated into the established structure in order to produce on going Programs for the "One World Television Channel. The Channel will then continue to fund each Community Spoke,by buying their Programs creating ongoing royalties. A One hour prog can earn a min of £55k per annum

We are looking to build healthy & abundant life oriented Communities where new Souls can be born into,with a purpose oriented life plan to create Career contracts that are supported by an International Community supporting TV Channel.

Would You be as Alive as Me?




Laird Salmon

Society is structured so that you are born into a rat race,where the most privileged not necessarily most talented get the best breaks.
Channel 4 is earning around £40,000,000 per week on all its networks,so what if a dedicated TV Channel,sponsored an International group that build live apart privileged Communities,each with a Media Production Studio as its hub,which fed Program Content to the TV Channel,which then provides the financial support to create other Business Projects to support the growing Communities. Then each new Business Startup would be filmed as a reality TV Show,to earn its startup financing,then the TV Channel would act as a catalyst to create an alternative poverty free oppressionless society within the one we have now.

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