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Female, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, birthday 29th March
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I've done lots of things in this life, and the most amazing thing was having 3 beautiful children.  

Before having kids I've danced a lot, sang a lot, had a few trials and tribulations. 

I'm mostly known as the voice of Opus III who covered "It's A Fine Day" by Jane and Barton which turned into a global dance hit in the early 90's.  But I've written and worked on loads of projects since then, produce my own music and recordings, occasionally collaborate, and prefer having a private life so haven't been too bothered about being in the public eye.

As a result of my life experience in the music industry I founded a new record label called Wellhead Records 

I like taking photos and filming events, but I know when it's time to put the camera down and just look with my own eyes and feel the energy of an event.  

I wear funny toe shoes because I like running barefoot.  My shoes often are a conversation opener and i've made lots of friends wearing them mostly because I have troll feet. 

I am currently working on lifestyle music, music to run to, meditate, etc..

I'm also about to release my first single in over two years on Wellhead Records called Motion.





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