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At the end of time an accidental recording of background sounds. The sub quiet tinkering of friends before you play. Crackle sparks of fires past hums the orchestra poised to tell a story.


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There has always been a relationship between landscape and language, Interwound and ingrained. Observable within inherent simple form and structure something profound emerges: a way to explain hidden information and meaning. 

"Our engagement with the world can be understood as a symphony of choreographed senses – a holistic system of being. Together they constitute a unified sense organ that, for functional, pleasurable and meaningful reasons, is primed to deeply engage in the world."  The Sacred In-Between, Thomas Barrie

The practical divine. I am fascinated by the impact of form on subjectivity, completely in love with the mystery of presence. This is art that belongs to the world of mind not matter, expressed as visual poetry. Mandala can be understood as a microcosm of the universe – single point infinitely extended. Sacredness in geometry is symbolic in that various meanings can be ascribed to certain forms, and certain forms can evoke emotion. Geometry, Music and Astronomy; each has a relationship to physical space and time, arithmetic is pure number, geometry is the number in space, music is the number in time and astronomy is the number in space and time. 

Geometry means, earth measure or an observed mathematical order in nature. Geometry is nature. Mandalas are inspired by the 'Sacred' symbols observable within the natural world. Our Sacred Nature, or the universe within nature. There has always been a relationship between landscape and language, Interwound and ingrained. Observable within inherent simple form and structure something profound emerges: a way to explain hidden information and meaning. We are able to connect to narratives and traditions from remote antiquity, offered a pathway to understanding. The natural world is our function, synthesis and structure. "Path as place, path as path and place as path".

Jung believed Mandala to be manifestations of " the collective unconscious" A home for exploration, the without and the within. " For Jung, mandalas were 'cryptograms concerning the sate of the self... my whole being – actively at work,' and symbolized the 'wholeness of the personality'.It was through the media of their creation that he realized all the paths I had been following, all the steps I had taken, were leading back to a single point – namely to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation."

Both Art and Science, these works speak to the senses, offering us a space to unify heart and soul.

May we nurture the Roses of our hearts – Pax Inter Spinas – Peace Among Thorns. 

The Wild Rose – Ln Fera Rosa

Guided by the Sacredness observed nature and the traditional idea of the Seven Liberal Arts, Meakin has created the Wild Rose Mandala, the first in a series of Seven.


About the Artist:

Stephen E. Meakin, or Sem as he is affectionately known, Geometer, Architect, and Antiquarian. After studying Design at Bournemouth University in the late 80's, Sem went on to travel many of the world's Sacred sites, returning to the UK to further his studies at The University of Brighton reading Architecture and Interior design. It was here he began to explore paintings combining traditional Islamic geometrical pattern and Celtic knot-work. In 2002 he left the world of commercial architecture to read Fine Art for his Masters degree. 

"It was back in 1995, when I first started noticing complex patterns in nature, I remember raising an eyebrow when The Flower Of Life pattern first unfolded on a page in my sketchbook. My compass danced around the page as if it had a life of its own......Universal Beauty!"

Sem has a unique understanding of complex geometry, complemented by a deep appreciation for the natural world. Sem is a master of this genre, increasingly considered a leader in the field of Sacred Geometry. 





Jeremy Pearce

If you look into Nigel Lensemoir Gordon He made a film featuring Arthur c Clark on the science of this and the mathematical equations that enables computer graphics to simulate the natural shapes and images I finally finished his book that I went to the launch for up Helgies last month Dave Gilmore gave him some music for the film .Don't know if you have come across it .He details it near the end of the book

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