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Female, Hove, The City of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom, birthday 24th May
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I live in Brighton with my two children, a daughter of 18 and a son of 14, and our cat Pumpkin. I work two or three days at week as a sub-editor for the Observer Magazine in London, I teach a self development course with an organisation called More To Life, which I'm very involved with, and I do Airbnb from our home. I grew up in Brighton and my mum lives 10 minutes away. I did a Sports Studies degree at Bedford College then went into local journalism. I separated from my husband in 2013, he lives two miles away and we have a, mostly, amicable relationship. All of which is very factual... what lights my fire? I love swimming in the sea, writing early in the morning, real, connecting conversation, dancing, music x


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<a href="/profile/kate-edgley/status-update-kate-edgley-1522053745">There are good reasons for ignoring the news | David Mitchell</a>

Did you hear about the rich American who's cut himself...

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Trips to North Wales when I was at school nearly 40 years ago were a fundamental part of growing up for me – so I really hope my old comprehensive can hang on to its outdoor centre... because it's the only one in the country to have one