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01 March 2019, 19:10
Justin Burton
1 March 2019, 11:01
"There is no greater ridiculousness than this shit" says Alexei Sayle over the ongoing saga of accusations against the left wing of Labour over antisemitism. In Jon Pullman's new film 'WitchHunt', a documentary promoted by Jewish Voice for Labour which follows the case of black Jewish activist Jacqueline Walker's suspension from the party, we hear from Mark Thomas, The Levellers and many more Jewish voices. This is the film that Labour MP Chris Williamson was prevented from screening to MP's.
Justin Burton
30 September 2018, 15:11
The Bellingcat website finds itself at the vanguard of independent, open-source journalism after its revelations about the identity of one of the alleged novichoc poisoners earlier this week.
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03 April 2018, 21:40
Justin Burton
3 April 2018, 19:24
Here's Paul Mason's Ten Point Twitter analysis thread from today on the news that Porton Down scientists can't identify Novichok as Russian made, or its country of origin... 
Justin Burton
19 March 2018, 20:34
The art of disguising propaganda - Cambridge Analytica bosses discuss the subtle techniques behind hidden online political messaging. Welcome to a world shaped by the fears of the least well-informed and the lies of the hard right.
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18 March 2018, 18:39
Justin Burton
18 March 2018, 18:19
The Observer suggests that in the wake of the latest Cambridge Analytica revelations from whistle-blower Christopher Wylie, Facebook will be even more reluctant to share with legitimate researchers who want to learn more about how it affects our lives. Facebook hasn't fallen victim to a major hack so far but to what extent can we trust what is essentially the world's largest advertising platform?
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07 February 2018, 15:11
Justin Burton
6 February 2018, 17:41
Tesco has launched its own vegan house brand 'Wicked Kitchen', Manchester is thriving with three new eateries this month and Campfire's Bournemouth Beacon is pioneering vegan suppers at its Beacon meetings. Vegan lifestyle is one of the big trends for 2018.
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06 February 2018, 14:40
Justin Burton
9 December 2017, 09:04
Despite the gloss put on Mrs May's negotiating powers yesterday, Brexit is still a mess with a huge number of contradictions, fudges still to be resolved and already, more in-fighting in the Tory party. It looks like we're heading for a soft and rather green Brexit, but who knows what is around the corner.
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26 November 2017, 12:06
Justin Burton
25 November 2017, 15:46
The police responded as if the incident was “terrorist related”. Armed officers and fire engines had been rushed to the area, where eyewitnesses reported scenes of stampede. An altercation between two people in a tube station led to blind panic and fear throughout central London. Such a response shows the complete meltdown of trust and order that has taken hold in recent times in many urban areas.
Justin Burton
16 November 2017, 09:25
"It's an amazing thing that we're seeing happening at the moment. The people who claim to be the guardians of the nation - the upholders of patriotism - are actually the biggest subversives in the country. George Monbiot is leading the charge in bringing about the grand correction that is sorely needed. In this video, he's on ?