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Joined January 2020


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Love as a choice
My beloved body vessel, its knowing and its poetry
My soul's divine plan
Light, sound, vibration, frequency shifts & sensory experiences
My children, my soul family and my "tribe"
Multidimensional guidance
My inner pilot light
My lineage
A connection with All That Is
Our nature companions and the elementals
The spirit of fire


Wayshower, Light Worker and Cosmic Networker
Keeper of the Lighthouse for Learning and Knowledge
Founder of Weavers of Wellbeing
Health, Work and Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Public Health West Midlands
Health and Wellbeing lead for Warwickshire County Council
Business Systems Manager, Dudley MBC
Project Lead for the International Convention Centre, National Indoor Arena and the Broad Street/Brindleyplace infrastructure projects


Forthcoming on-line book club - "You can't judge a body by its cover" 9 February 2021


17 women's stories of hunger, body shame and redemption.

I am one of many ambassadors for this book which offers 17 stories of individual women who open the door to their souls:  stories of shame and self-love, victimisation and empowerment, being small and being big, fear and hope. 

In David's illuminating therapeutic interviews, we'll witness women discover the secrets behind their resistance to their diet programmes, the beauty of their bodies and hungers, and the redeeming insights of what moves them to reclaim authenticity, power and grace. 

Get ready to be inspired.

Get ready to see it all differently.

Get ready to meet the life-changing secrets held within your body's rebellion to living in a society that fetishises thin-ness and shames authenticity.

If you feel called to join our book club on Tuesday, 9th February 2021 at 19:00 hours UK time then email me on to register your interest and get a link to the on-line circle.  I will also suggest one of the women's stories for you to read in advance (there's no need to read the whole book in advance if you don't have the time and space to do so).

On 9th February we will meet on-line. There will be a short meditation, a call in to circle and then each of us will share our insights about one of the 17 stories selected with the group. 

We'll also explore if participants wish to gather again to continue these incredibly important conversations in circle on Campfire.

Here's a link to the book which is published by Belly Song press.  Currently, I can only find it available through Amazon so if that is problematic for you then I can email you a digital copy and suggest a donation for this. 

Here's the link to the meeting space on Zoom. 




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