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Love as a choice
My beloved body vessel, its knowing and its poetry
My soul's divine plan
Light, sound, vibration, frequency shifts & sensory experiences
My children, my soul family and my "tribe"
Multidimensional guidance
My inner pilot light
My lineage
A connection with All That Is
Our nature companions and the elementals
The spirit of fire


Wayshower, Light Worker and Cosmic Networker
Keeper of the Lighthouse for Learning and Knowledge
Founder of Weavers of Wellbeing
Health, Work and Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Public Health West Midlands
Health and Wellbeing lead for Warwickshire County Council
Business Systems Manager, Dudley MBC
Project Lead for the International Convention Centre, National Indoor Arena and the Broad Street/Brindleyplace infrastructure projects


Pete Lawrence likes
19 March 2021, 12:31
Julie Horsley
18 March 2021, 13:26

How do you thrive in a world of distractions?

Awash in a sea of empty rhetoric, we return this week to share our own home-spun wisdom in our Sunday open space.     

Are you feeling buffeted, battered and bruised by seemingly untameable flows of thought, emotion, sensation, and visions rather than easefully and gracefully moving on their eddies and currents?

Peta Inglesent and likes
19 March 2021, 12:05
Julie Horsley
11 March 2021, 16:21

Building on our inspiring Sunday Campfire Convention open space about the power of the word in January 2021, this week, which also happens to be Mother's Day in the UK, we’ll be talking about the healing potential of transformational communication. This kind of communication finds the common elements and emotion in conflict and brings people together in mutuality. These conversations can be deeply healing.

Jo Morphy and commented or likes
22 February 2021, 15:33
Julie Horsley
4 February 2021, 15:31
A letter to the highly sensitive ones.
Julie Horsley
17 January 2021, 17:14
Welcoming a circle of 17 people to a book club honouring the launch of David Bedrick, JD's book "You can't judge a body by its cover". We each take one of the stories included and share our thoughts, wisdom and insights. If this speaks to you then do get in touch.
Pete Lawrence likes
16 January 2021, 18:13
Julie Horsley
16 January 2021, 11:03
As we celebrate our own, blessed, human body instrument, let us be free to tune in to our own vibratory vessels, our medley of melodies, to others and to our environment in the now moment because that is where the true alchemy, healing, magic and miracles can happen. The more this comes from a frequency of love from within ourselves, the more we align ourselves with love, the more we will embody the transmutative frequency of the Universe, which is also love.  
Pete Lawrence likes
24 December 2020, 16:12
Julie Horsley
16 December 2020, 20:20

For the Winter Solstice celebrations for 20th and 21st December, I find Glennie Kindred's enduring wisdom so inspiring. This is an extract from her writing about the Solstice with lots of ideas and I particularly like the idea of co-creating a Solstice bush.  Perhaps you will find some inspiration here too:

Julie Horsley
10 December 2020, 13:57

It was very chilly last year as we arrived just before dawn for our Solstice fire gathering at Dartington in Devon.  As I recall it was also a tad spooky as anyone who knows Aller Park of old would, I am sure, confirm. We set up the fire pit and a shared altar on the hexagram at the side of the Aller Park buildings.  It is a sacred spot historically and astronomically aligned with the Dog star Sirius with Aller Park itself designed to sacred geometric scales.

Julie Horsley
4 December 2020, 17:08

This video takes us on a tour of a roundhouse experiment which is a very traditional design.  Costing about £4000 to build, Kris has experimented with lots of natural building techniques and ways of creating green power. The ultimate goal is to live self sufficiently and the project includes:

Julie Horsley
4 December 2020, 16:56
A little piece of heaven. Thoughtfully designed for humans to work in harmony with the land and the animals.