Julie Horsley
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Female, , birthday 9th March
Joined January 2020


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Love as a choice
My beloved body vessel, its knowing and its poetry
My soul's divine plan
Light, sound, vibration, frequency shifts & sensory experiences
My children, my soul family and my "tribe"
Multidimensional guidance
My inner pilot light
My lineage
A connection with All That Is
Our nature companions and the elementals
The spirit of fire


Wayshower, Light Worker and Cosmic Networker
Founder of Weavers of Wellbeing
Health, Work and Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Public Health West Midlands
Health and Wellbeing lead for Warwickshire County Council
Business Systems Manager, Dudley MBC
Project Lead for the International Convention Centre, National Indoor Arena and the Broad Street/Brindleyplace infrastructure projects


Katherine Lucy Sang likes
29 March 2020, 5:53
Julie Horsley
28 March 2020, 12:22
Why do we keep giving our power away to those in so-called authority?  We have agency when we keep ourselves close.   If we are keeping the virus, that invisible "enemy" (to quote the militaristic terminology) out we disperse our power.  When we hold healthy boundaries, we are gathering power, keeping ourselves close and in rather than keeping others out.  We can still make good decisions about what keeps us safe and at peace by keeping informed and our "finger on the pulse"...
Katherine Lucy Sang and commented or likes
26 March 2020, 16:56
Julie Horsley
23 March 2020, 13:27
Can we let go of the "us-versus-the-coronavirus" mindset?
Katherine Lucy Sang and likes
26 March 2020, 20:25
Julie Horsley
21 March 2020, 16:24
We want each gathering to be a unique and safe space for whoever joins to share authentically.
Natalie Brent and commented or likes
17 March 2020, 22:48
Julie Horsley
15 March 2020, 21:45
With social distancing being the wise approach for the foreseeable future rather than in-person gatherings, we are considering the creation of a Campfire Convention "University" for good . With accessible, co-created on-line webinars, podcasts and short courses in any or all of those highlighted above and more.
Natalie Brent likes
17 March 2020, 23:06
Julie Horsley
12 March 2020, 13:46
It is incredible how nature can reclaim so much and offers such bounty to support human health. How is it that we have transferred so much of our trust to big pharmaceutical companies rather than wild medicine and foraged foods? Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food...
Natalie Brent likes
17 March 2020, 23:04
Julie Horsley
11 March 2020, 17:27
Fear is a vibrational carrier that can lower our vibration and it spreads like wildfire!
Natalie Brent and likes
08 March 2020, 21:45
Julie Horsley
28 February 2020, 19:21
With the fear inherent in the situation arising globally, what we need is to share how we can empower ourselves to stay well. To strengthen ourselves on the inside. Dipping in to our own inner strength. This includes how we nourish our bodies and what messages we choose to "consume" as well.
Natalie Brent and commented or likes
17 March 2020, 23:03
Julie Horsley
23 February 2020, 10:42
The fire, earth, air and water elementals in a human etheric body are in constantly changing interaction, reciprocity and communication with the elementals in our environment. How can we work more collaboratively with our own elemental "team" and in so doing be more connected with the rest of humanity as an integral part of nature?