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Jules Ellison is passionate about developing ideas that generate social change and environmental benefit. An experienced social entrepreneur, business guide, educator, trainer and coach, Jules loves turning ideas into reality and co-founded a range of impactful organisations including Tree Sisters, Catalyse Change and Make It Thrive. Jules is currently working with Earth Protector Communities to develop a new tool kit for groups and individuals who want to ignite their spark and find ways to protect and regenerate the Earth. The toolkit is based on the ground breaking work of environmental Lawyer Polly Higgins who sadly died in 2019.


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Jules Ellison
14 February 2020, 11:33
This exciting new toolkit offers a framework for individuals and communities to harness their talents and gifts, taking you through a process that leads to community projects and actions. We dare you to be great, to unleash your passions and skills. Become an Ecocide investigator check what's happening in your backyard. Join with others and plan the pathway. Restore planetary health together and co-create the new story.