Joshua Harris
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Male, Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom, birthday 25th February
Joined December 2016

Aspiring filmmaker. Love writing. Creation, innovation, murmuration (just needed the rhyme).

I'm an enthusiastic guitar player - folk, rock, indie. I love experimenting with different time signatures and chromatics to find different sounds. I'm also very interested in scriptwriting at the moment with a short film, called living without, set to go into production in March.


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Music - John Frusciante, Joy Division/New Order, Modest Mouse/Johnny Marr.

Film - Edgar Wright, David Fincher, Sam Esmail.



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18 January 2017, 17:30
Joshua Harris
17 January 2017, 12:59
Help us realise our project by donating to us anything you can! Read more for further information on our project and on using Kickstarter.
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23 January 2017, 16:57
Joshua Harris
17 January 2017, 12:50
Take a sneak peak into our project and a first glimpse of our story that we have been working on for months.
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18 January 2017, 17:33
Joshua Harris
16 January 2017, 16:06

I am ecstatic with the progress the script has made; from a weak first draft the story has developed into a more meaningful and engaging tale of a grieving mother whom fills you with empathy as she struggles with her demons to overcome her trauma.

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18 January 2017, 17:33
Joshua Harris
16 January 2017, 15:42
(From left to right - Luke, Josh, Salman)
Take a look at the team behind the project.
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18 January 2017, 17:34
Joshua Harris
15 January 2017, 14:29
Jade just wants to forget, but the alcohol can't help her anymore. Final Year Creative Project module - BA Media Practice at the University of Sussex.