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13 May 2018, 22:12
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24 April 2018, 09:56
We are at the point now that in order for Campfire to grow, we need your input. I have the utmost respect for the determination and vision that Pete has brought into the world, and he (it) needs our support to take it to help sustain its growth and development.  We are moving into an exciting period for Campfire Convention, as we set it up as a new social enterprise and develop sustainable plans for the future. We'd love some hands-on collaborative, fun, light-touch help...
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18 April 2018, 12:44
In this interview ahead of an artist residency that Nina will be doing in the Netherlands in May, Nina discusses larp and performance, what inspires her and gives you a glimpse into what you can expect from taking part in our Solstice Experience Beacon and project for Campfire
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18 April 2018, 21:47
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11 April 2018, 0:48
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10 April 2018, 18:59
Campfire Convention, Nina Runa Essendrop and Jonathan Goldsmith are inviting you to come and have a unique, magical, experience to celebrate the upcoming solstice. You will be taken on a profoundly moving, touching, beautiful and magical journey: 'A Solstice Experience'.The event is taking place in the grounds of a fabulous Tudor Mansion Lauderdale House, which is in the middle of Waterlow Park in Highgate, North London.
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04 October 2018, 18:10
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10 April 2018, 18:59
I'm delighted to be working alongside Campfire Convention, artist and larp designer Nina Runa Essendrop and with the very beautiful Lauderdale House in the middle of the stunning Waterlow Park in Highgate North London to create 'A Solstice Experience': a joy filled ritual celebration of the Summer Solstice. This unique magical event is designed as a Solstice Beacon for London, a fundraiser for Campfire Convention and a chance to spread the word about Campfire Convention throughout London...
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04 March 2018, 17:52
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Global Good Morning, an art project collecting 'good mornings' from...