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I was the product of 2 beatniks went to a state boys only grammar School.and left in 1984 .Then after living in France and Spain for 4 years.Ended up doing an apprenticeship with my father who was an advertising Conceptual creative He ran his own business out of an office on Parkway in Camden town.He taught me Copy writing Sales pitching ,How to package and sell an idea How to manage continuity programs .His business went down in the Thatcher recession and the combination of ill health and economic stagnation and bad choices in working partners .I became disillusioned and never quite grasped that the industry is basically geared around tricking people into consuming and purchasing product,and the increase in profit and market share for major corporations ..I then got into professional cooking for 25 odd years .Passed my city and guilds and went into the industry .I achieved an AA recommendation and learnt to cook to a rosette standard It had its thrills and spills, this point in time I am sick of it and want to re focus my energies into music .I am also very interested in the current political climate both World wide and domestic and am physically revolted by neo libertine ideology .The power of the big banking institutions and how the media control s and manipulates the mood and feelings of the population (brexit was a fine example of this) . .Some way I think I can, when hooked up with the right like minded people help harness the 2 and help Shape a new world that harks back to the political ideology of positive change for the better from the era when I was born .Not the Draconian culture of greed and purposely designed inequality ,hate and fear peddled to the masses today .I believe in Corbyn and I hope and I know that it is possible, that he will get to fulfill his destiny , but it will take people like us to help him otherwise the bad will triumph .Any way that s where I am at and how I feel .I hope some of the people attracted to this campfire concept feel the same and after the festival and meeting alot of you I am sure we are all kindred spirits x Bring it on !


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From being born in the mid 60's By all that's around me .To the present.
Art /Fashion /Music /Design /Politics /Science /Cultural change/Morality/Social Change/Technology /Travel/Language/Communication/Media /Cinema /The written word/ The Underground/Class status and division /



Vegetarian full cooked breakfast 2


Full cooked vegetarian breakfast .The only processed ingredient is the baked beans .No TVP

Vegetarian Breakfast Grilled tomato /Flat mushroom /Sliced Quinoa burger /Bubble and squeak /Baked beans /Fried egg .and optional toast

Quinoa burger see recipe on previous blog just cut cold and grill till golden

Bubble and squeak

Pre cooked potato /finely sliced savoy cabbage raw or less finely if cooked /Onions (any colour or type fine sliced  )Garlic /Thyme /Rosemary /Fresh sage /Flat leaf parsley/seasoning 

Method start to fry sliced onion and garlic add potato and cabbage thyme and sage and rosemary and keep frying it till everything caramelized up and browns without burning moving occasionally .Add the parsley when cooked and take off stove

Eggs Fry or poach what ever takes your fancy

Beans Heat

Grill the other stuff and plate and serve




Beth Salmon

Mmmm that looks yummy!!!! Bubble and squeak sounds delicious!!!! Like ur use of herbs!!!! I’m still rocking sweet smoked paprika in my bubble and squeak.... have u tried it?

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