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Hi there.

I've just joined this group and am very happy to be here.

I'm not 100% sure that I'll agree with all your views, and vice versa - is that OK I wonder???

I mean, overall I'm pretty sure I'm largely on the same page as you as a group, but I'm a little nervous, after noting some of the Facebook threads, that if I say anything that doesn't quite fit, or if I clumsily try and sound-out an idea that maybe comes out wrong or is in any case taken wrongly, that I'll be shouted down.

As a 56 year old, I remember left wing political groups when I was at Uni (well, it was the Poly actually) and I really didn't care for the militancy of them - so much so that I didn't bother joining, (although I did lots to support the miners).

After I'd left education, I joined the local Labour party and went on to help fight elections for several years (Newcastle - Jim Cousins and Karen Buck - Westminster North). Later, from my new home in Brighton I went on the London Peace marches, and was heart broken when our cries of protest fell on the deaf ears of TB. Although I then helped a bit at the Poling stations, I'd largely lost trust and belief in Labour and left. It was a horrible feeling to be more or less party-less, but I found it hard to muster up any enthusiasm. (Having said that, I DO think that Caroline Lucas is one of the best politicians we've ever had!).

Anyways I still can't, with my hand on my heart, say I believe in Jeremy, a fact which makes me feel frustrated and sad. I'll definitely vote for Peter Kyle in a few weeks - I feel that we're lucky in our area because Peter Kyle has a very good chance of winning (even if his Tory opponent is apparently a hands-on healer and miracle performer!!!), but I feel very sorry for other areas where the hoped-for outcome is not so cut and dried. For this reason I would have liked Jeremy to adopt the progressive alliance approach, and the fact that he hasn't just adds to my feelings of frustration.

There you are! I've said it all now. This is why I was intrigued by your group and why I've now signed up. I hope I'll meet you at one of the gatherings:)


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Jenny Barrett
18 January 2018, 20:47
Hi there, I've been working on a circular economy inspired idea to cut down the huge waste that happens in the area of maternity and baby clothing and accessories. I have a document which I would really value some feedback on before I put it out there to muster up some enthusiastic supporters or financiers even! Thank you to any of you who take the time to read this and I look forward to any comments you may have. Best wishes, Jenny