Jan Trembecki
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Female, Paris, Paris, France, birthday 2nd February
Joined February 2017

I'm originally from the North East but never went back to live there after leaving to go to college. I married as a student and lived in my husband's area (Midlands) when we graduated but there were no opportunities here to follow the career I had planned so I have done various jobs including running my own businesses.

Now I'm on my own I want to explore a new path, meet new people and be more proactive about issues I feel are important and have the comfort of knowing other people feel the same way. Campfire seems exactly the right place to get together with others who share the same ideas and desires.

My path so far: artist designer, motor industry, business woman, return to education for marketing qualification, internet industry and now a carer. Being a carer just happened, it wasn't planned and it doesn't feel like work but more of a challenge. I thrive on challenge.

If I hear the words "it can't be done" I rise to that challenge. I have recently achieved 3 things 'that couldn't be done'.


Key Skills





Firstly my dad! I was always impressed by the way he approached life, his calm manner and gentle ways as well as his intellect,
My physics teacher who made the subject fascinating and fired my enthusiasm.
Music, most music whether professional or amateur, old or new. It can reflect, induce or influence a mood.
Various artists but too many to name.
My son, who always reminds me to be fair with everyone even if I have doubts about some of them.



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