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I live in Poole, Dorset to which is very nice to have the Jurassic coast, the New Forest (where I grew up) and sandy beaches surrounding me. To live here with such a great coast is a good step to making me smile and well as my wife Cheryl. I have twin daughters from another relationship of whom I see on a regular basis butt hey are 15 and am sure this will change as they mature and explore this world.

I have a passion is to listen, dance & occasionally head bang to all sorts of music but mainly EDM. I try to do at least 2 festivals a year and this year (2019) I've done very well in my budget going to Bearded Theory, Wimborne Folk, Bluedot & The Little Chill. The payment plan certainly helps spread that cost these days.

Another passion of mine is creating flags, furniture, printing and painting on different materials other paper & canvas, restoration & crafting bespoke items using recycled materials. I do most of this in my studio to which I named The Dune. I named it that as once we were on holiday in the Sahara Desert a particular dune beat us in climbing it to the top, that sand is so soft!


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Chris Miller commented
07 August 2019, 9:15
James Lamport
5 August 2019, 20:18
My least favourite part of any job is the sanding.I started the inside using only black & white clippings.My studio had piles of kinda sorted clippings everywhere.Before I started the inside I fixed 4 squares of wood on each corner to mount castor wheels later.Most vintage trunks I come across the canvas cover has been tatty but this was a good find.Once I was completely happy with the covering it was time to make it waterproof.2 full coats of PVA & 6 coats of outdoor ultra clear varnish.
A project I did a few years ago turning an old steamer trunk into a table using old tech magazines
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04 August 2019, 19:48
James Lamport
2 August 2019, 23:21
Most doors are just glued together so before painting I screwed all joints.I acquired the red paints for free  (the old style whiffy wood paint)The most expensive part was buying the wood for the frames, £45A year has past and they are still as vibrant as the year beforeI used patterned film on the left & car vinyl on the windows on the rightA lovely gent sold me 7 ex-display composite doors for £50, Result!
I did this project to add colour to our garden all year round. So back in 2017 I started collecting various doors either for free or spending no more than £30 each. The plan was to wait for my nieghbour to repair our adjoining fence and it was repaired in April 2018.