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Amber Rudd and Theresa May are racist and should resign


Amber Rudd should resign, and so should Theresa May.

Two heinous immigration acts were pushed through, in 2014 and 2016, as part of the Tory 'hostile environment' policy which way conceived by May. They introduced a raft of measures which it was clear would penalise innocent people and also cause immense suffering to people trafficked to the UK.

This week we saw Tory MP Adam Holloway telling us that "sleeping rough in central London is a lot more comfortable than going on exercise in the army" having also said, in 2015, “As I wandered round as shawls and brand new trainers who were handed out I honestly didn’t hear English being spoken by anybody. I heard east European languages. I heard Arabic. And I heard Italian,” claiming that the rise of rough sleeping and homelessness was down to the numbers of immigrants. He is demonstrably wrong, but is it any wonder that there are so many immigrants on the streets when his party introduced legislation which makes it near impossible to rent a home if you don't have papers to prove your right to be here? That's what the Immigration Act 2016 introduced, making it a criminal offence for any landlord to provide a tenancy without proof of residency status. And, as we know from the Windrush scandal, that evidence can be a very high bar to reach.

So, resign Amber Rudd, resign Theresa May. You are serial racists and you are not fit to govern. And shame on those Labour MPs, and MPs of any party, who did not oppose this awful legislation. They should all apologise.



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