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Male, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom, birthday 7th November
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Hmm, a bio? I usually just say: "I use non-bio" in this section of an online profile, but I'm making a special exception here.

I've lived in Birmingham for the past 28 years and I have a partner and two grown up children. I love Birmingham and I also love the far West of Cornwall, West Penwith. My love of those two places probably says more about me than almost anything else I could write. 

In my work life I'm a graphic designer and photographer. I specialise in work with charities, social enterprises and good causes. I've had the privilege to work with a wide range of not-for-personal-profit organisations and campaigns over the past twenty years. Much of my work is connected to criminal justice, homelessness, complex and multiple needs, domestic violence, volunteering, third sector development, social justice and community development. I spend a lot of my time working on branding and brand development. Although I work long hours, I'd say I work to live rather than live to work, but I feel very attached to the organisations that are my clients - it's a little like having thirty part-time jobs for really good causes.

I'm a sometime political commentator. Friends and family might say I just like a rant. They are probably right, but I think it is mostly motivated by a strong sense of injustice about the world. I rarely, if ever, rant on my own behalf: I'm male, white, have an average UK income and live in a country that has the fifth largest economy in the world - what right do I have to complain? But from a very young age I have had strong opinions about the world and find it hard to keep them to myself. Apologies. I do try.

If I had to wear a political badge it would read: 'feminist, green, democratic socialist'. Since 2015, politics has grown in importance again for me. I've been politically engaged all my adult life, but the recent resurgence of socialism, in new and interesting forms, has been very motivating. Whilst my political motivation is usually based on emotional responses to events in the world, I endeavour to use good evidence to support my positions. I don't always succeed. 

I'm a lover of music, but no expert. I have what my mother used to describe as 'the audience gene'. I love lots of types of music, but many types hurt my ears and my heart. As a social phenomenon, music intrigues me: individual taste can be either incredibly eclectic or very specific. I've never understood why.


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