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HENRY SPARKS lives in England, plays guitar, writes and sings songs.
His music is informed by experience as a farm hand, factory rat, pizza slinger and carpenter. He is an architect and teaches at the University of Kent.
Folk - English and American - and a fascination with song-writing have driven his playing and creativity.
Henry was a founder of DIY punk innovators Longport Buzz and roots pioneers Bootfare (appearing at Glastonbury and Kerrville festivals).
In 2016 Henry released the CD 'Latest Waxing' getting some favorable reviews:
…distinctively English pastoral folk-pop, with its heart in the right place.
…bizarre and startling in its originality. A definite one off rarity.
Penguin Eggs (Canada)
…’While We Were Building Jerusalem’ is a cracking lead track.
R2 Magazine
In May 2017 Henry recorded tracks for his first full length solo CD in Melbourne with 'Bush Gothic' as the session band. This project is still underway and will be finished as soon as time and keeping body and soul together allows.
For more information, videos and music please visit: http://henrysparksmusic.co.uk
Mean while he is concerned with trying to make this place a better one for everything here…


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Henry Sparks
11 May 2020, 18:06
Whilst we struggle with the current situation there is potential long term hope on the horizon in the shape of a new international group called the Progressive International, a global initiative to unite, organise and mobilise progressive forces around the world. Current members include Saunders, Varoufakis and Klein amongst others.
Henry Sparks
17 October 2019, 17:29
A reflection on the capacity of modern politicians to lie and get away with it.
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17 September 2019, 16:05
Henry Sparks
7 September 2019, 16:40
An idiosyncratic take on the Campfire Convention Campout August/ September 2019.