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I'm a food journalist and podcast producer and am passionate about telling stories that matter. Food is my thing, and as I work with delicious magazine and Compassion in World Farming, I get to talk to some of the most inspiring people on the planet about changing the way we eat, produce and farm.


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Gilly Smith
2 February 2019, 16:22
In this week’s podcast, sponsored by Bordeaux Wines UK, I head to the wine regions of Bordeaux to meet a couple of young winemakers causing a bit of a revolution.
Gilly Smith
2 February 2019, 16:07
In this special extended interview, I talk to the awe-inspiring Nigella Lawson 20 years after her first cookbook, How to Eat, launched her career. Listen to this week’s episode and find out more about when the book was first conceived, what Nigella thinks of gastro porn and how she became an icon in modern food.
Gilly Smith
2 February 2019, 15:22
It’s twenty years this Easter since Jamie Oliver first slid down that spiral bannister in The Naked Chef. As he hopped onto his scooter, he introduced a new audience to the idea that food could cook them up a whole load more than what’s on the plate. Food became about taste – as in lifestyle rather than flavour, but did it really get people cooking?